Peru rejects the president’s accusation of alleged treason

In a cabinet-ministerial dialogue with social leaders and authorities in the northern Amazonas region, Torres criticized the obstructive actions of the opposition Congress party and the desire to impeach the president, which, according to him, is due to his unpopularity. .

“They completely ignore what the figure of treason against the motherland is,” he said, emphasizing that Castillo had never said that he would hand over part of the Peruvian sovereign territory to Bolivia, for which he had not committed the crime the detractors intended to attribute to him. , with great media accompaniment.

The accusation made by a group of far-right lawyers and politicians is based on an interview in which Castillo, when asked about the possibility of allowing Bolivia access to the sea, replied that he would not do anything without consulting the people.

In Friday’s session, the aforementioned Congressional Subcommittee heard the positions of conservative Congressmen Norma Yarrow and Jose Cuito, that the president committed treason against the homeland, which could be punished by his withdrawal from the presidency.

The opponents have taken up the issue as a viable option in the face of Parliament’s twice failure to vacate (remove) Castillo “by reason of permanent moral impotence”, requiring the votes of two-thirds of the total vote. number of parliamentarians. , the penalty for treason requires the support of only half plus one from lawmakers.

Castillo’s attorney for this case, Jose Palomino, asked the subcommittee to file the indictment because it “has absolutely no legitimacy or consistency.”

On the other hand, Torres described the parliamentary oversight (dismissal) of the Minister of Labor, Betsy Chavez, as unjustified, because it worked for the benefit of workers without harming the business, he said.

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