The first airport for flying cars to arrive in the UK

British promoter Urban-Air Port recently opened Air-One, the world’s first for electric vehicles with vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL).

The facility will serve as a hub for passenger air taxis, self-delivery drones, and emergency disaster relief.

According to its creators, the main goals of Air-One are to remove the biggest obstacle to sustainable air mobility, reduce congestion and air pollution from the transportation of passengers and goods, as well as create an ecosystem for zero-emissions mobility.

“The opening of Air-One is a momentous moment: the starting point for a new era of transportation, a zero-emissions, congestion-free era between and within cities.”

Ricky Sandow, Founder of Urban-Air Port


Airport models proposed by Urban-Air Port: sea, air and land.

The startup plans to build more than 200 zero-emission Vertiport outlets around the world in the next five years.

Urban-Air Port was one of 48 initiatives funded through the $315 million “Future Aviation Challenge” from the British government, along with the private sector.

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