US authorities detain 154 Cuban immigrants in Texas

agents United States border guards Dedicated to Eagle Pass South Station, Del Rio, Texas, They arrested 154 Cubans after I entered illegally to the territory of the United States On March 27, I reported Radio and Television Marty.

The agents also arrested 33 immigrants from Nicaragua.

ÔÇťAgain, these kinds of confrontations It is rapidly depleting our available resources and manpowerJason D. said: Owens, president of the Del Rio Sector Patrol. “With numbers like this, officers need to stop patrolling to focus on prosecution.”

About 7,100 immigrants are detained each day after crossing the US-Mexico border, US officials reported Tuesday, saying they are preparing for more increases while President Joe Biden’s administration is close to deciding whether to end asylum restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said 1,500 Cubans were arrested on Mondaymore than double the daily average for February.

Total, About 48,000 illegal Cuban immigrants to enter the United States Since last October.

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