Scotland in May: Neither hot nor cold

We say that May and June are the best months of the year to travel to Scotland but we take care of ourselves by adding the word “maybe” in the statement because everything will depend on how much you want to enjoy this beautiful British region: it is not the same thing as arriving in Scotland with the intention of seeing the northern lights. Instead of exploring its famous highlands or just enjoying a weekend in Edinburgh.

The good thing about traveling to Scotland in May? The days are long, it doesn't get dark until after 9 or even 10 at night, and it is also a month with little rain, which, in the case of Scotland, means nothing, because in Scotland it rains and even snows. Now, the heat, the so-called heat, does not even occur to you to leave your coat at home; Another advantage of traveling to Scotland in May is that although we are on the verge of peak season, which is July and August, the thousands of tourists who come to this British region in the middle of summer have not yet arrived. It is not only an advantage because you will avoid overcrowding in the most crowded places. Attracting tourists but also because you will find better prices especially in hotels and of course flights as well.

More benefits of traveling to Scotland in May: Virtually all attractions that close for the winter become operational in May; It is true that Scotland is not Iceland and the country does not close down as hard in the harshest winter months but life is undoubtedly colder and more complicated and it is possible, unless you travel with the intention of seeing the northern lights, which then you will have no choice but to do in winter, as it is a little less fun ( Due to short daylight hours, cold, snow, some attractions closed…). Now, remember that with Scotland in the winter is the same as with Egypt in the summer, if you cannot travel at another time do not hesitate, Scotland is always worth it.

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But let's go back to May. What's something you can't stop enjoying in Scotland in May?

Scottish cities

Do you know how many cities there are in Scotland? Only eight and in May you can explore them at will. We start with the most obvious: Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see city; Close to Edinburgh and in the Scottish Lowlands lies the city of Stirling, where you can visit its impressive castle and memorial to Willian Wallace (remember Mel Gibson in Braveheart? Hmm…).

If you have the soul of an urban planner, two cities will be familiar to you, most of all, because each of the Scottish cities has its own charm: Glasgow is the largest and most populous, Dunfermline, which was the ancient capital of Great Britain. Scotland, or Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, can complete your trip; Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth complete the list of eight cities to which we can add another city that, although not considered a “city”, is more than interesting from a historical point of view, and we refer to the university city of St. Louis. Andrews.

Natural sinuses

Of course, it is likely that it is the Scottish nature that attracts you, not its cities, in which case you cannot miss a visit to the famous Loch Ness (let's see if you can find Nessie because the famous monster is still standing) Mystery…); The city of Glencoe, located in the heart of the Highlands, offers us beautiful views thanks to its glaciers, waterfalls, plants and lands of volcanic origin; The Isle of Skye, in the Inner Hebrides, leaves no one indifferent with its nature and biodiversity; The Orkney Islands, some 70 in number, are not a UNESCO World Heritage Site by chance… but because of their stunning landscapes and prehistoric landmarks.

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You might travel to Scotland because Scotch whiskey is your thing and then what you want is to know and visit the most famous distilleries or those that are considered open secrets: there are five whiskey regions and over a hundred distilleries: Speyside, Highland, Lowland, Islay and Campbelltown. Speaking of world-famous distilleries, we have to talk about Glenfiddich and The Macallan, both located in the Speyside area. Additional note: On the Isle of Skye, you can satisfy your craving for Scottish nature and its whisky, where the famous Talisker distillery is located.

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