The Health Sciences District holds a meeting about CENEVAL cases

Zacatecas. As stated in the call for admission regarding the field of Health Sciences, an information meeting was held today on special cases, where these cases will be granted again and based on the proposal of the Rector Ruben de Jesús Ibarra Reyes and the approval of the entire admission committee. The opportunity to complete the CENEVAL test taking process.

Taking place at E1 Audiovisual on the UAZ Siglo XXI campus, where students and parents gathered, the Admissions Committee voted to grant 364 special cases who submitted their required documents in time, the right to compete for a place in one of the nine academic programs offered by the Health Sciences District.

Ibarra Reyes stated that this event means a mechanism for admission transparency, since UAZ has an important leadership in the academic life of the state, being the maximum studies house with the largest number of young people at the senior secondary level.

He pointed out that among the 364 special cases, 224 are from the state of Zacatecas, 62 are residents, 47 have not completed secondary school, and 31 have no connection to the entity. Of these, 202 want to join general practitioner, 79 dental surgeon, 45 nursing, 2 Neusstlan nursing, 1 biotechnology, 1 biochemical engineering, 20 physiotherapy, 9 nutrition and 5 QFB.

The coordinator of the field of health sciences, Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, spoke about the guidelines that are observed to enter this field of knowledge and asked that once the process is completed that they prepare for their exam as specified by the invitation and follow the recommendations.

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Starting at 3:00 p.m. today, special cases will be able to finalize their procedures to take the entrance exam on June 15, said School Services Department Head Samanta Desire Bernal Ayala.

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