Underwater volcano erupts and NASA captures it from space

Underwater volcano erupts, NASA takes amazing photos
NASA images show the change in water color as the underwater volcano erupted.

kawachi a volcano submarine Located near the Solomon Islands, it erupted and NASA captured the moment in a series of images taken from space. The US agency called it “Sharko”, as a large number of sharks live in this area.

In recent months, NASA satellites have detected light-colored plumes of water in the western Pacific Ocean. According to specialists, these changes reveal that An underwater volcano has erupted on several occasions.

The underwater volcano may have erupted as early as last October. Photo: NASA

The images were captured by Operational Land Imager-2 (OLI-2), a remote sensor aboard the Landsat 9 satellite.

Researchers observed changes in the color of the water over the volcano between April and May, and the volcano likely began erupting as early as last October, according to a statement from the volcano. NASA Earth Observatory .

This is not the first eruption of this underwater volcano

Prior to this latest activity, large volcanic eruptions were observed in Kavachi in 2014 and 2007. The volcano erupts almost continuously, with residents of nearby inhabited islands often reporting visible vapor and ash.

This underwater eruption of Kavachi volcano was captured by NASA on January 29, 2014. Photo: NASA

The island is named after the sea god of the Gatokae and Vangunu peoples, and is sometimes referred to as Rejo te Kvachi, or “Kavachi’s Furnace”.

Since it first erupted in 1939, Cavaci She created ephemeral islands on several occasions. But the islands, up to one kilometer long, were eroded and washed away by the action of the waves.

This image shows a cloud-like formation that appeared on May 25, 2000 above the water’s surface after a volcanic eruption.

It is currently estimated that the summit of the volcano lies 20 meters below sea level; Its base is at a depth of 1.2 km.

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