“God Save the Queen” is in doubt again

There is no sporting celebration in which the interpretation of the chants does not have its special moment during the event in question. It doesn't matter if you're talking about Formula 1from a match soccer Or even who Olympic Games. Despite the tradition and passion, we must not forget, for example, how the team players were Italy team They let their souls sing 'Il Canto degli Italiani While passing by Euro Cup.

the Azura It ended in assault Wembley. It is no coincidence that it is said that the Italians scored the first goal during the national anthem. Specifically, the title was won in the temple of English football and in this country the debate over the national anthem returns. in England Uses 'God save the queen'as is the case in the rest of the countries that make it up United kingdom.

However, the hours for this may be numbered. And from England, there is debate within the sport about whether the time has come for it to have its own anthem. This has been proven in Commonwealth Games. In these, it was possible to hear Jerusalem anthemwhich had already been used in the same sporting event two years earlier, in 2010.

The above debate arises from the following question: What is the meaning of different countries competing in the Commonwealth Games having the same national anthem? When you talk about the Olympics Thistle United kingdom Actor, logic dictates that “God Save the Queen” should be the national anthem of all Britons, but when it's England, Scotland also welsh They go separately…things are different.

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Thus, for example, Scotland “Flower of Scotland”; Wales has “They are children in Nahado” also “Land of my fathers”; also Northern Ireland get rid of “Londonbury Air” (He is famous for his melody 'Danny Boy'). In England it is called “Jerusalem”, although not officially.

However, during the current Commonwealth Games, which are being held in BirminghamThe anthem heard for the achievements of the English is “Jerusalem” instead of “God Save the Queen.” Which the fans praised a lot.

The funny thing is that in English cricket matches, for example, the word “Jerusalem” is always heard instead of the traditional “God save the Queen.” But not at soccer team games. The English themselves supported the first tune in 2010.

Commonwealth Games 2022


Around that time, a survey was launched into which national anthem England should use when competing as a single entity, rather than alongside the United Kingdom. There were several options. Al-Quds received 52 percent of the votes, compared to 32 percent “Land of hope and glory” and 12 percent from “God Save the Queen.”

Political division

As in everything, politics also has its role in the debate. It was a few years ago, in 2015, when Toby Perkinsthe follower labor Partylaunched a proposal to board of the Public Concerning the adoption of a unique anthem for England. And that this was, moreover, “Jerusalem.” That is, the anthem changed from being unofficial to official.

Only in cricket and the Commonwealth Games is “Jerusalem” used as England's anthem, in the rest of the competitions “God Save the Queen” is used as its own anthem. “With its national anthem, the idea that the United Kingdom is a union of four independent nations with their own identities will be re-established,” Perkins argued.

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But since Conservative Party From the beginning they opposed the amendment taking place. This sector believes that “God Save the Queen” is the anthem that should represent England because “there is no greater pleasure for an Englishman than to hear our national anthem, the national anthem of the whole country, of the whole United Kingdom.”


As we have seen, the debate has continued throughout the past decade, but “Jerusalem” has a much greater history behind it. Its lyrics are taken from a poem he wrote William Blake The year 1808. Later it was Hubert Barry Who actually turned the verses into a melody in 1916. It is even said that George FThe king at that time preferred “Jerusalem” to the royal national anthem Britain.

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