“Vacunorex makes medicines friendly”

Among her many activities as a physician in the health jurisdiction of the government of Mexico City, Josefina Valades-Garcia takes the time to try and educate children, adults, and the elderly about health issues, for what she uses for his alternate ego: Vacunorex.

It is about Tyrannosaurus Rex botarga who went viral on social networks after he was caught dancing, working and doing various activities in Covid-19 vaccination units.

What started as a game, since a doctor originally bought the bottarga to celebrate her birthday, becomes a reality, after Josefina realizes the effect of Vacunorex on children and young adults. Then he decided to carry various posters that read: “Vaccinate so that you do not become extinct like me.” “Save Yourself, Do It For Them” is accompanied by pictures of animals and others that he improvises depending on where he is.

“I do it for the love of art, they don’t pay me or seek to make more income with it, what moves me is that we say that I do medicine in an unconventional, friendlier way and that has all the scope, that’s more important than anything else,” she confirms. Josefina.

“I’ve been involved in the Covid vaccine campaign, dental campaigns, pets, people respond very well, all the anxiety that comes when being in front of the doctor,” says the young woman, who assures her friends now know her best to bring this character to life.

The doctor tells in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL that the effect of Vacunorex reached her through social networks.

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Suddenly friends, acquaintances and family started to see how funny the botargue was without knowing what it was. Although he initially explained to them that he sometimes left the dress and his role as a doctor to become a dinosaur, this fact made them laugh and they did not hesitate, because they knew he could.

Suddenly, after an interview, I realized how influential it was. When you saw my social networks and whats [WhatsApp] That many messages were arriving, and I said, ‘Wow, something’s going on’ and that’s when I realized it was because of the bottarga,” he says.

“The truth is, I didn’t intend to have such an effect, and it wasn’t planned if I was going to hit or not, but I now realize it was a good idea.

“Where do we take him? [la botarga] Everyone loves it, not only the people who go in for the vaccine, but also the doctors themselves and the nurses and the kids who are accommodating people and that’s really nice because it gives health messages for other things, like kids and dogs that I take I attended to health fairs and there were people who came over to get vaccinated or whatever or At least, the Faconworks made their stay more enjoyable.”

The professional doesn’t feel sorry for them knowing she’s behind the launch, though she does her job right when she puts on the gown, she believes it reduces stress in complicated moments, like covid confinement or what. Standing in line to get the vaccine has been tedious, which is more than enough for Vaconworks to continue to exist for as long or as long as necessary.

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“For me, the push is to make people happy and the fact that medicine can be done in such a common way and also that people now have healthy messages on their social networks doing their job, since the same people see all their worries about attending or at least realizing that they should go to the doctor Josefina concludes.

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