The United Kingdom removed Mexico from the list of countries with a health crisis, and thus Raul Jimenez benefited

The Mexican striker will have no restrictions on his return to England (Image: Instagram- @Wolves)

The Mexican wolf came back with mexican national team He announced that he would not have to self-quarantine upon his return to England because it was reported this Thursday that Mexico had left the “red list” of destinations. United kingdom.

Through an advertisement on social media, Marcelo AbradHe thanked the Minister of Foreign Affairs Les Truss, who is the UK’s Secretary of State for External Relations, because of the cooperation she has given so that Mexico can get off the list of health restrictions known as the “red list”.

I thank Liz Truss, UK Secretary of State for External Relations, for her participation in getting Mexico off the red health traffic light. “The way is opened for the quarantine to stop being applied to our citizens visiting that country that is a friend of Mexico,” Ebrad said on his Twitter account.

Marcelo Ebrard's tweet about the UK government's actions (Image: Twitter @m_ebrard)
Marcelo Ebrard’s tweet about the UK government’s actions (Image: Twitter @m_ebrard)

Similarly, through a press release on the website of UK governmentIt has been confirmed Mexico joined the list of 47 countries that have dropped the aforementioned list This Thursday, October 7th from 4:00 am.

After publishing this news, Raul Jimenez You will not have a problem with the health authorities when you return to Join the wolvesThen you will not have to separate for the mandatory quarantine that people who entered from another country in the UK were exposed to were in UK destinations Red List.

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Another good news for the Mexican striker and for the Aztec national team is saviorMexico, with which it will face Mexico on October 13, has been added to the list of countries that have not been reliable destinations for the United Kingdom, ensuring that the Mexican attacker does not have to go into quarantine while visiting the Central American country.

Raul Jimenez and Chucky Lozano train alongside El Tre (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)
Raul Jimenez and Chucky Lozano train alongside El Tre (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)

The UK’s ‘red list’ of destinations consists of just seven countries, including: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

Raul Jimenez Can not go with combined tricolor In the first qualifying matches for a cup of Qatar World 2022. Although the bomber Wolves has been called by stammer Martino for the stated commitments to CONCACAF appraiser, the attacker was unable to leave the European country due to health regulations in force in Great Britain.

And thanks to the refusal made by the English club at the time, the consequences came for them and for the Mexican, because according to a statement issued by Mexican Football Federation He added, “He will not be eligible to participate with his club during the window FIFA Plus an additional 5 day period.”

Raul Jimenez will return to Wolverhampton without problems (Photo: Peter Powell/EFE/EPA)
Raul Jimenez will return to Wolverhampton without problems (Photo: Peter Powell/EFE/EPA)

Facing this scenario, Jimenez had to lose the match against him Watford for the 4th of Premier League.

Jimenez accumulated nearly 11 months without being able to participate in the national team. It was his last post with tricolor That was on November 17, 2020 against Japan choice During a tour of Austria. On that occasion, the striker, who played 64 minutes, was responsible for opening the scoring one minute after being substituted.

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