San Marcos: Students enrolled in the College of Accounting Sciences due to increased credit hours and inability to graduate

Accounting students have the authority to report excessive charges for educational credit. (Spread)

A group of students from College of Accounting Sciences Subordinate National University of San Marcos (United Nations Financial Management Mission) The facilities were taken as a form of protest against the increase in the cost of credit, which would have been Amount S/60, Exceeding the previous one by more than 30%.

San Marcos students argue that the increase represents a Economic barrier Significant impacts on their ability to take and retrieve the materials needed to complete a university course, and in other cases to complete a degree, and thus be able to graduate. This affects hundreds of students, because it represents a serious academic delay as they have to take fewer courses due to costs.

It should be noted that the educational accreditation at the university Saint MarkIn previous regular sessions, its cost was Q/45. UNMSM authorities have not yet commented on these demands.

In a statement to the media, A student “Not everyone has the resources to meet the additional costs,” he commented. The main concern is that Excessive fees They are a major barrier to academic progress. At the same time, they insist that the current economic situation does not allow all students to bear these increasing costs without affecting other areas of their personal and educational livelihood.

Students from San Marcos College took accounting sciences. (Composition / Vanguard of UNMSM students)

Students of UNMSM They called on the university authorities, demanding “an open dialogue to find fair solutions.” Through this procedure, they seek to create a communication channel that allows the problem to be addressed and resolved in a fair manner.

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In their statements, they stressed: “Join the conversation and let us stand up for equitable and accessible education.” The call is to be an active part of a movement that seeks to ensure that education is not only of high quality, but also… Achievable for all socio-economic classes.

Students of National University of San Marcos, Who started the protests in College of Accounting Sciences In exchange for what they see as excessive interest rates on educational loans, they are also demanding an expansion of the supply of educational loans Summer courses And a Increase in budget intended for infrastructure For the year 2024.

Limit Summer coursesAccording to Protestants, It hinders your academic progress Inability to complete the credits necessary for graduation by the specified deadlines. The students installed posters on the university campus as a form of demand and denunciation.

During the DemonstrationsAccording to student videos, some ClashesWhich resulted in the injury of minors. The content circulated on social media illustrates the extent of discontent and tense moments experienced on campus. University authorities have not yet issued an official statement regarding the reported incidents or the students’ demands.

The protests highlight chronic discontent surrounding the issue Educational and financial policies For the institution. Students point out that high fees limit access to quality education and require concerted efforts to improve learning conditions.

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