Sculpture in the UK is causing controversy because of its special shape

There are thousands of Sculptures that can be loaned to different interpretations. There are some that are fairly straightforward, but others can represent objects from everyday life.

Recently, in the area Lake Cunningbrook, in Ashford, UK, A new work by sculptor Julia Clark, titled The Ring, has opened. The frame is ring-shaped and made of real willow wicker.

Despite the color and finishes, some residents of the area have said that it resembles dog litter.

In this regard, Ashford City Council has been filled with comments on social networks about this piece.

“I’m afraid it looks like dog poop.”One user said.

Another noted: “We see bamboo stools instead of the natural beauty of the lake”.

Friends and family commented on the beauty of the lake while driving. Now the lake has been blocked by a huge tube instead!! “Iron another citizen.

For some locals, it was just a waste of money. Although for some authorities this work represents a cultural advance.

Matthew Forrest City Council Member He said that “the project recognizes the important role that artists play in the context of new spaces and communities, Provide personality and identity to allow a sense of belonging for residents and visitors”.

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