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Holiday weather: UK sunny spell predictions

NetWeather’s latest heatmaps have turned red to show the scorching highs of 31°C sweeping France this week on Thursday, September 2. Hues of red were seen sweeping across southern Britain on the same day, with London and Kent enjoying 23°C while Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth saw 22°C. The heat may continue a few days later, on Saturday, September 4th, as maximum temperatures of 31°C continue to dominate France.

Hot air can cause temperatures to rise to even higher levels in the UK, with London, Kent and Essex temperatures reaching 25°C on the same day.

To the north, Peterborough and Norwich can see 24°C and Leeds and Doncaster are ready to enjoy 23°C.

Accuweather forecast expert Tony Zartman predicted that higher pressure from Spain and France, which lie along Europe’s Mediterranean coast, will help raise temperatures in the UK through the first part of September.

He told ‘The overall weather pattern over the next few weeks will be one as high pressure is expected to spread from Spain and France north across the UK.

UK warm weather forecast: Hot air from Europe could cause temperatures to rise (Photo: NETWEATHER/WXCHARTS)

“This will generally stabilize conditions with temperatures close to normal or a little higher in most places.”

The greatest likelihood of warm weather will be in the western parts of the UK, especially Northern Ireland, Wales, western Scotland and western England.

“During this extended two-week period, there may also be some weak fronts in motion. But, in general, there will be more sedentary days.

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“The second half of September is more uncertain.

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UK warm weather forecast: highs of 31°C could burn France (Image: NETWEATHER)

Temperatures may continue to rise above normal.

“However, there may also be a greater chance for fronts to bring bouts of rain if the high pressure area weakens.”

Brian Gaze, a forecast expert at Weather Outlook, also predicted that September will start on a dry note this week.

He said: “Most of the UK remains dry for the remainder of the bank holiday period. Cloud amounts vary.

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UK hot weather forecast: Hot air could sweep across the UK

UK warm weather forecast: Hot air may sweep across the UK (Image: NETWEATHER)

In the east, overcast skies and strong breezes combine to make it cold at times.

Higher pressure is expected to lead to more dry weather over the next week.

Sunday starts dry in much of the UK, but thick clouds are bringing some patches of rain to parts of the North East.

“All day long, the risk of rain continues in the Northeast.

UK warm weather forecast: High pressure could sweep the UK this week

UK hot weather forecast: High pressure could sweep the UK this week (Image: WXCHARTS)

The rest of the UK has a dry day with varying amounts of clouds. It’s probably best in the sun in the west.

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Temperatures range from 15°C (59°F) to 22°C (72°F).

“Tomorrow the predominantly dry theme continues. However, there may be quite a bit of cloud, especially in the Northeast, bringing intermittent drizzle. Cool sensation in areas where it remains cloudy but nice in the sun.

“On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays they don’t notice a little change. There may be a little light rain in eastern England, but most places are still dry.

Hot weather forecast in the UK: Southern England could see sweltering heat

UK warm weather forecast: Southern England could see a blast of warm air (Photo: WXCHARTS)

More sunny conditions are expected in the northwest. Some cool spells are being developed elsewhere, but there will likely be a lot of drag.

“The scheduled period is expected to continue for the remainder of next week in much of the UK.”

The Bureau of Meteorology’s long-range forecast for Thursday, September 2 through Saturday, September 11 added that the start of the month could see unstable conditions, but high pressure should help keep temperatures “above average.”

He said: “High pressure is expected to be responsible across the UK initially. Most areas will see a continuation of dry weather with shifting clouds and some periods of sunshine.

UK Warm Weather Forecast: The UK could enjoy a high of 25°C in the coming days

UK warm weather forecast: The UK could enjoy a high of 25C in the coming days (Photo: WXCHARTS)

“During the weekend, rain could begin to spread to some areas in the south and west, with mostly dry weather continuing in other places.

Temperatures will likely be close to average for most people, but very cold in the eastern regions.

“It is likely that an unstable series of weather conditions will develop over the next week, resulting in more long rains or rain streaks in many parts of the UK.

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“It is likely to be the most humid in the northwest with a dry climate in the south and southeast. Temperatures are likely to be close to average or slightly above.

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