Maximum concern in the United Kingdom: Intelligence warned of the risk of foreign attacks on universities

In addition, British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden announced a consultation to identify measures that could be taken to protect British universities from such attacks.

Oxford university. Photo: Reuters

he National Intelligence Service From the UK MI5 sent an alarming alert. Organism Officials from British universities were alerted Its research systems may be the target of attacks by unspecified “foreign countries” with the aim of improving its capabilities.

On Thursday, security services and government representatives informed the vice-chancellors of 24 universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College are the potential dangeraccording to what was reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

London International Airport.  Photo: EFELondon International Airport. Photo: EFE

In addition, British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden announced Consultation to determine measures Which can be adopted to protect British universities from this type of attack.

Downden pointed this out Necessary measures will be taken to address “Emerging threats” to protect the safety and security of academic institutions.

Iranian drones.  Photo: Reuters

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What does the warning say?

Warning It does not include any direct reference To any specific country, but the British Parliament's Security and Intelligence Committee warned last year that China could gain influence in British academic research.

University of Westminster.  Photo: EFEUniversity of Westminster. Photo: EFE

felicity oswald, Interim President of the Center National Cyber ​​Security Director Ken McCallum joined the Director-General of MI5 at a meeting that followed a government review of national security threats facing higher education institutions.

In a statement to British BBC Radio 4, Ciaran Martin, from the National Cyber ​​Security Centre, said that intelligence services are concerned about targeting university workers in order to influence the investigation, as well as stealing information. Intellectual property through cyber attacks.

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For his part, the person responsible for the call said: Russell GroupTim Bradshaw, who represents 24 of the country's leading university centres, said they were already working closely with the government and intelligence agencies on changes such as artificial intelligence.

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