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Don’t look now, but we’re trying right now A series of stories about a looming global catastrophe. But unlike reports of epidemics and climate change, this The global catastrophe is caused by the impact of a giant asteroid. or the culprit. or both. This might sound more dangerous considering the events of the recent Netflix movie. do not search , Where the Earth is threatened by a “planet killer” asteroid.

But how worried are we really and what would happen if we really hit this body?

As per my experience, Deadly asteroids tend to strike in the summer months, when news is scarce. TWe’re probably tired of the bad news about the spread of the COVID omicron variant and the problems associated with it, as a deadly (or comet) asteroid is making a refreshing change.

Some British newspapers targeted Nostradamus, the astrologer from the 16th century. A couple published stories in late 2021 about 2022, in which Nostradamus predicted the world would end with a massive impact with an object from space. This hook has scheduled objects that may (or likely won’t) come close to Earth in 2022.

My favorites list was published by the newspaper the sun, who described five asteroids heading toward Earth in January alone.

The terrifying headline and the accompanying image of Earth in apparent danger somewhat undermine the statement that follows the image, with the paper stating that “all the asteroids predicted this year will pass Earth at a great distance and it is highly unlikely that they will pass our planet.” We’ve already missed (or missed) the first two asteroids on this list (2021 YQ and 2021 YX) that smashed into Earth on January 5 at distances of 1.3 and 2.4 million miles, respectively.

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No, I haven’t noticed them either, and I’m studying asteroids. Three more asteroids are expected to pass between 1 million and 5 million miles from Earth in the next few days., with Size ranges from the size of a car to the size of the Statue of Liberty. Whoever gets close will still be four times the distance from the moon, so it’s not quite that close.

Is it realistic to “not look”?

do not search he yoAn allegory that uses the global catastrophic impact of a “killer planet” to the global catastrophic impact of climate change. It is a story of corruption, corruption, political and corporate interests that come before the health and well-being of humanity. It’s also a lot of fun.

Without revealing too many spoilers, the plot centers on two astronomers (a graduate student and her professor) who discover a comet that will collide with Earth in six months. They try to tell the President of the United States (played wonderfully by Meryl Streep), but she is more concerned about the midterm elections.

The film satirizes right-wing American politics, the impact of donations to political parties on politics (and politicians), the growing ability of modern technology to gather information about health, habits, and lifestyle, and the use of that information by tech giants. .

However, nOr mock science: Finding a comet is (somewhat) realistic. That’s the way it should be, as Amy Mainzer, principal investigator for NASA’s Asteroid Tracking Program, was a production science advisor. In the movie, astronomers report their findings to the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, which, as the movie shows, is a real organization run by NASA.

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Is the movie realistic? In the past, the Earth was hit by large asteroids in the past, which is why there are no huge dinosaurs roaming the planet today. It is bombarded every day with tons of dust and meteors. It’s true that Planet Killer will be written in the future (although it happens at most once every 50 million years), and international governments take it much more seriously than it appears in the movie.

There is a well-tested protocol for reporting new asteroids and comets, which is what we know about those passing (more or less) close to Earth this month.

There are also plans to mitigate the possible consequences of an asteroid on its collision course with Earth. Usually these are based on the scattering of the asteroid’s path, since it tried to bring it down in The last moment is not feasible, it will take a lot of strength. Launching in November NASA’s DART mission , a technical test mission that will further help highlight the best way to ward off asteroids threatening Earth.

but where do not search Hitting the nerve is the lack of emergency preparedness if (when) it finally occurs and mitigation plans fail. Here I return to the story of climate change. There is no plan B. In the film, the motto “Don’t Look Up” is to deny that a comet is close to destroying the planet; It is presented as fake news.

I think it’s a great movie. It is entertainment. But this is not fake news. We are a global community and we must work together.

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