The United States is sabotaging Venezuelan sports

Washington, United States, April 26, 2024.- Once again, the wrong foreign policy of the United States against Venezuela directly affects Venezuelans, and on this occasion, sports are affected by being denied access to an international sports conference held in the American capital.

The Minister of Popular Power for Youth and Sports, Mervyn Maldonado, denounced the disgraceful behavior carried out by the United States on social media, and issued a statement explaining what happened.

the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs He also rejected the North American action, and the Venezuelan Foreign Minister reposted the Sports Minister's statement on social media.

The statement indicates this: “The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in response to the situation that occurred at the 24th General Assembly of the American Athletic Council (CADE) and other events, which are being held on this occasion in the city of Washington, United States, expresses its unjustified refusal to accredit and have access to the representative appointed by Venezuela. It expresses: the rejection of this intervention by the United States Department of State in the interim presidency of this independent council, which did not allow the participation of our country’s representatives, which represents a flagrant violation of the provisions of the internal regulations and the basic principles of Olympic sports. He added, “Venezuela affirms its resolve and commitment to dialogue, respectful cooperation, and the promotion of policies that activate sporting values.”

What is kid?

The Council of American Athletics (CADE) is an association of public, non-profit governmental organizations, established to develop and promote sports among its member nations, which are represented by representation of the highest sporting authorities of the sovereign nations of the American continent without any kind of exclusion.

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Moreover, oddly enough, the mission of the institution is “Providing a space of participatory democracy for discussion and exchange of policies and experiences through ministers and senior government officials responsible for physical activity and sports in the countries of the American continent.”. It is clear that the United States, due to its ignorance in several aspects, neglects this basic mission of the body.

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