Science celebrates the third Employment Forum for its students

Throughout the day, the Juan XXIII meeting room is hosted in Rabanales 3rd Employment Forum UCOCiencias Impulsa who organizes College of Science subordinate University of Cordoba.

The forum, as explained by the Dean of Science, Maria Paz Aguilar, is intended to be a meeting point “for our students with institutions and companies”, recovering face-to-face, a format that is “undoubtedly closer to the default” one.

On this occasion, the forum is organized around three axes The most important of them: interaction of future graduates with the business world, guidance to promote entrepreneurship and, finally, improvement of knowledge of various forms of access to public employment positions directly related to their degree profile or level of qualification.

round tables

The event will start with a round table at How do companies choose their employees?where participants will know the most common characteristics of selection processes.

After that, another round table will be held Youth Entrepreneurship Opportunities Where the various support programs for leading businesses as an alternative job.

There will still be a third table, concluding this third forum, which will address the great skepticism of the incoming alumni: Pretty soon I’m graduating, and then what?where college graduates participate Experiences and interests with future graduates.


Without a doubt, one of the most interesting parts of UCOCiencias Impulsa is the possibility Contact the companies directly. On this occasion, 17 companies will present their activity and employment opportunities for graduates of various degrees.

The companies set up platforms so students could visit them and request information, but they were also able to set up pre-made interviews to favor this first contact between the students and the company.

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Besides all of the above, participants will have the opportunity to learn about options for accessing the civil service and the role of professional associations.


Although UCOCiencias Impulsa is a unique opportunity to put students of various degrees in the Faculty of Science in contact with companies, the Faculty is also launching other actions aimed at improving Employability of its graduates.

“Other resources that improve employability are internships at the company,” Aguilar recalls, who explains that “we created a LinkedIn group for college, where members have the opportunity to meet other alumni and employers. In this group, advertisements for internships are posted in company, courses and business opportunities such as research contracts, selective operations announcements, etc.».

Currently, the University of Cordoba maintains Agreements with more than 350 companies Where graduates of various degrees can undertake internships in the curricular and extra-curricular.

Along with the internship, the university center encourages the employment of its students through various training activities related to the active search for work in the channels OnlineOr resume writing workshops or how to handle job interviews.

Additionally, the college encourages completion of Final Degree Projects (TFG) and internships in companies.

This set of tools, says Dean Aguilar, “are the different options we’re working on to enhance their employability.”


Science studies at UCO – Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Physics, and Chemistry – have the best employment rate after Health Sciences.

according to him Argos Observatory of the Andalusian Employment Service of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment It indicates that graduates in the 2018/19 academic year had an inclusion rate of 23.32% one year after graduation – and it must be taken into account that a year later we were in the midst of an epidemic-, a rate that rises to 32.41% for graduates in the 2016 academic year /2017.

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The degrees taught in the College of Science have endless possibilities for development, providing numerous professional opportunities for its graduates. The field of research is one of those diverse career opportunities. In this area, Maria Paz Aguilar noted that “the performance of the research groups in our college is excellent, and evidence of this is the group of researchers who have been trained within these groups, which helps to maintain the level of research. It is essential that the measures taken to employ researchers contribute in the light of the work reform What is new is to maintain or improve this situation.

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