The call for the “Orchid Programme: Women in Science” is now open

Launch of the ORCHID Program: Women in Science 2024.

Photo: Ministry of Science

Starting from Monday, February 12, until next Friday, April 12, the second call for the ORCHID Programme: Women in Science 2024, promoted by the Ministry of Science, will be open. The Ministry explained that this program seeks to benefit “young doctors, researchers, and innovators to implement research, technological development, and/or innovation projects.” (can read: Science says that geological faults have nothing to do with builders)

The invitation is aimed at Colombian women who have a doctoral degree, but are partnering with a young researcher, to develop a research, technological development or innovation project, which will be carried out as a postdoctoral residency.

The Ministry of Science explains that the projects must contribute to the development of the proposed innovation in the following tasks: “Bioeconomy and Territory”, “Human Right to Food”, and “Science for Peace”, within the framework of the research policy and mission. – Innovation directed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. (You may be interested in: The new mission hopes to land on the moon after several failed attempts)

In addition, during the launch of the programme, which was held in Cali, the Minister, Yesenia Olaya, stated that this second edition will have a national chapter and one for the Pacific region, “which seeks to recognize and fund the research projects of female scientists.” “And young researchers from the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Chocó and Nariño.” This information is essential, as women who wish to apply must choose which of the two lines they wish to apply to.

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Some of the main requirements to be able to apply for this program are: to be a Colombian citizen, to have a doctoral degree, in the case of a senior researcher, to be a maximum of 28 years old (by December 31 of this year) and to have completed at least About 80% of the academic units for the university bachelor’s degree in the case of the second researcher. To know the rest of the requirements and the steps that must be followed, see this link. (You can also read: Scientists study happiness research)

During the launch of the program, Alia noted that “The Orquídeas Call promotes transformations that promote the independence, economic empowerment and dignity of women’s work in Colombia with the aim of contributing to closing gender gaps in the country, as it in turn works to promote and democratize science, technology and innovation, and seek the growth and consolidation of scientific communities that Led by women on national territory.

In its first edition, the program selected 214 young doctors and researchers from 23 departments and supported 107 research projects. More than 20,000 million pesos were invested.

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