The family movie that Nicolas Cage considers a “masterpiece” and can be viewed on Movistar Plus

At one point it was released online as a promotion for the action comedy that was just released in the US, The unbearable weight of talent, Super fan character Nicolas Cage who explains Peter Pascal He reveals to his favorite actor, who plays him, what is his third (unexpected) favorite movie of all time.

“I cried throughout the movie,” explains Javi (Pascal’s character), who paid his favorite actor $1 million dollars.Nick Cage), spend your birthday with him. “It made me want to be a better mansays the character of the Chilean actor before the film in question. In the scene, Cage answers skeptically, not believing in Pascal’s character that Paddington 2The British Bear movie is a masterpiece. Moments later, we cut to a star The Rock, Con Air s remove the facewho finds himself crying unbearably after seeing the family sequel with Javi, and states:Paddington 2 is amazing“.

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