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It is believed that arrogance and vanity are largely feminine behaviors. Whoever created that rumor did not take any lessons Policy At the university level.

With the dream of becoming a president, a congressman, or a minister, my classmates go to class wearing a blazer and a T-shirt and imagine that they already have a government ready to take power. In this small universe, their class participation must be a campaign for their parties, their off-hour coffee outings must include a philosophical discussion about some governmental utopia, and their Twitter accounts must be the nation’s constitution.

The problem is actually not in Political scientist The hallucination was always there. Call him Aristotle, Socrates, or Machiavelli. What is not noticeable at first glance is that it is in the exclusive world of candy Politician A tie and perfume, not appropriate for women. From female students and professors to authors and intellectuals, women appear to be an isolated group from young people and academic scholars in political science departments.

Julia Kristeva told us about the female monster: In cinema we have Carrie. But in Policy It’s a woman’s thing to be right. What is missing in academic spaces is the deconstruction of male arrogance. the Policy It is not phallic and academic, even less so. Women make up the largest percentage of students in higher education, and trampling on our minds has nothing to do with our participation: it is the patriarchy ingrained in our society that oppresses us even in education.

to Policy They have forgotten the pluralism that Arendt so often championed: with gender equality and increasing access to education, there is no longer room for sexual hallucinations within the academy, and even more so within governmental decision-making.

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Carlos Paredes, Guido Bellido, Hector Valer and the rest of the dinosaurs of the world Policy Peru: I have studied women and we know how to talk.

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