Fernandez asked Guterres to renew the Administration of Good Offices with the United Kingdom for the benefit of the Malvinas Islands

(By Special Envoy).- President Alberto Fernández held a bilateral meeting this afternoon with UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who asked him to “renew good offices efforts” with the United Kingdom regarding this issue.

A diplomatic source told Telam: “Alberto Fernandez has asked the Secretary-General to renew the Department of Good Offices with the UK on the Malvinas issue.”

Over the years, Argentina has achieved various resolutions and declarations issued by the United Nations and various international forums calling on the United Kingdom to dialogue on sovereignty in the South Atlantic.

In this sense, the most important precedent is Resolution 2025 of the United Nations General Assembly in December 1965, in which the international community urged Argentina and the United Kingdom to find a peaceful solution to the dispute over sovereignty over the islands and the maritime space surrounding them.

The meeting between the Head of State and the Secretary-General of the United Nations took place at the headquarters of the multilateral organization in New York, a place where Fernandez previously participated in the Sustainable Development Goals Summit. (Telam)

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