Safdie Architects designed a medical and research center in Brazil

It is part of a private hospital located across the street and connected to it by a walkway.

I do not like it

Safdie Architects brown Albert Einstein Education and Research Center (AEERC), located in the south of São Paulo, Brazil, to house the medical school and research centers. The jewel in the building’s crown is the glass-roofed lobby designed to evoke the ‘feel of being under a tree canopy’.

The latter forms a dome located on the surface 3 thousand 800 square meters (mtwo) It consists of thousand 854 glass panes It is placed on a steel grid.

The panels are precisely perforated to filter outside noise and have a pattern of translucent dots that vary in focus, based on average levels of sunlight exposure.

“Viewed from below, the layers of overlapping dots are like seeing sunlight dappled through the overlapping leaves of a tree,” said Safdie Architects.

On the facade, it is made of concrete and glass in full height and partially covered with wooden shutters. These allow the “sun” to be kept away from the outer shell of the structure.

The AEERC . BuildingFrom 12 thousand mtwois part of the private hospital Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein, located across the street and connected to the new building by a corridor.

Construction of the Albert Einstein Center for Education and Research began in 2017 and is expected to open in August of this year.

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