The UK’s European Monitoring Committee calls for a halt to negotiations on Gibraltar

he European Monitoring Committee From the House of Commons United kingdom He called for the cessation of negotiations on the Treaty of Gibraltar. In a letter addressed to its president, Sir Bill Cash Conservative Party-, to Secretary of State David Routley, advising the Foreign Office to pause and take stock after last week’s testing session because he understands that means “A serious erosion of UK sovereigntyAs stated by government ministers in a media session.

The Commission, As reported by GBCIt describes the agreement as a potential “Northern Ireland Protocol 2.0”, and one of its main concerns is how British and Gibraltar citizens would be treated if Schengen checks were introduced at Gibraltar’s airport rather than at the border, a measure that, according to this body, would turn “Gibraltar’s border into Entirely British borders Less in nameThe committee described the practical effects of this as “catastrophic.” People will be controlled to enter their territory.

This body of the British Parliament confirms that “eGibraltar’s unique cultural and constitutional status Within British society.” But he also recognizes the importance of reaching an agreement on Gibraltar, and states that “A balance An agreement should not be sought without taking the cost into account.

Consider allowing Schengen checks to be managed by EU border guards Frontex at the Air port “It would erode UK sovereignty To the point of leaving it meaningless“The potential ramifications of the new entry and exit system in October were not explored.”

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She says people returning to Gibraltar or Britons traveling there for work “may have to undergo surgery Biometric registration“.

“It is not clear whether the time spent by British nationals in Gibraltar will be counted,” the letter said 90 days out of 180 days allowed For non-EU citizens in the Schengen Area.

Since the airport and the Gibraltar Peninsula Strategic military base From the United Kingdom, the Committee expressed concern about the powers that EU border guards could have to prevent the entry of UK and NATO military personnel into the territory. The letter demanded that any change in the airport’s status be ruled out, “no matter how small or harmless.”

Other concerns raised were concerns army Security on the border operating model at the airport and potential supervision of the European Court of Justice in border and trade matters.

The committee asked the British government to clearly define its obligations Red trading lines During the proposed pause, so that the opinions of all concerned parties can be taken into account. Consider it important to leave room for Open discussion and public scrutinyHe adds, “It is worrying that the negotiations have reached this advanced stage.” Without the government sharing its trends“.

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