Celebrity appearance: Melania Trump in Gucci in the United Kingdom

Controversial as usual Donald Trump Ha “Hot“His second official visit to the United Kingdom with some unfortunate statements. As a form of support, Melania Trump She chose a look in the colors of the flag: a white, blue and red shirt from the company barbaric. The President of the United States and the First Lady have just arrived at the airport and you can see once again that Melania always chooses her clothes for the meaning they carry.

This time, Melania Trump chose a perfect office look, with a suit jacket and a pencil skirt of her own design Michael Kors With a bow print blouse and scarf barbaric. A classic, formal style that shows the seriousness and importance of visiting the UK in the midst of Brexit.

Although the look is perfect, some criticized Melania’s wearing it She looks like a flight attendant For this uniform style. Plus, she’s had some trouble with the wind and the big bow she wears as a scarf.

Melania Trump England 1

Melania Trump returns from Japan in the same brand she wore when she left, yes, in a more discreet dress

On a visit last year, Melania She gave a nod to English fashion as she wore a Victoria Bekcham dress, and we’ll be paying attention to see what she wears during these days in England.

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