He was number 10, and played with one of Messi’s partners at Inter Miami, but left football to pursue his dream of becoming a triathlete and participating in the Olympics.

Two of Agnelli’s faces: on the bike and in football mode

He excelled in soccer, wearing number 10 for the Key Biscayne Football Club. He was the leader, distinguished by his irrepressible stride, which was favored by his height of 185 cm. And for the punch that can be seen in the videos. He even came to play in training with Benjamin Cremachianother athlete with strong ties to Argentina, is today a partner of Lionel Messi in it Inter Miami.

He excelled at rugby. It was no coincidence that he played the opening role, as the number 10 followed his skill. “I was a leader, I ran a lot.”, Highlights. His qualities took him on tour throughout the United States, and he also traveled to the Bahamas.

But since I was 6 years old Valentino Agnelli He longed to be a triathlete, inspired by his father. Thanks to his youth, he could spend the entire weekend exercising, without fear of exhaustion. “I can run a triathlon in the morning and play two matches in the afternoon.”“I was 13 and with no training I won a triathlon that boys up to 15 can compete in,” he boasts, until it clicks.

Soccer skills of triathlon player Valentino Agnelli (2)

Today, at 20 years old, he is one of the most promising triathletes in the country, with a desire to qualify for the 2028 Olympic Games. The strange thing is that despite living in Miami since he was young, when he reached adulthood he chose to wear the colors blue. Light and white. “It was in my last year in 2021. As a professional I wanted to compete for Argentina,” he said in an interview with information From Colorado, USA, where he trains taking advantage of the altitude requirements.

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“I grew up on a bike. Then, when I was six or seven years old, I started accompanying my father to triathlon races.” Then his passion for the sport did the rest. However, at the age of 13 he ended up making the decision, but at the age of 9 Years ago, he combined swimming, cycling and running in competition for the first time in an attempt with boys of the same age.

Speed ​​in the sport has become the norm in its history. “I always played with bigger kids,” he recalls of his time in football. At the Key Biscayne Football Club, he came to share training with Roc Bancells (another promising young man currently in Spain) and Benjamin Cremaschi, with whom he agreed that he could shine in more than one discipline (the son of Pablo Cremaschi, former Puma, also excelled in rugby). . “Binga is two or three years younger than him, a friend of my brother, and great at everything. Already at that time you could see that he did everything well,” he touched on the young man who went through the youth teams of Argentina and in the last FIFA appointment made his debut. With the United States.

Valentino is underwater: He spends about 30 hours a week in the pool

Today his days are neither round nor oval. Their weeks include between 25 and 30 hours of swimming, 700 kilometers on a bike, and between 50 and 70 kilometers of running, as well as gym sessions. A clearly exhausting schedule. At the same time, their system is expensive, “especially the travel issue.”

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But nothing will stop him from fulfilling his dream of continuing to grow and becoming one of the 50 finalists for the 2028 Games, where he will, in a way, be a local citizen as well. “I am the youngest Argentine with the best position, and I have to keep adding points in every race to achieve the goal of representing Argentina in an Olympic event. “It tugs at my heart.”

Skill of triple footballer Valentino Agnelli

At the same time, his enthusiasm and dedication were so contagious that his mother, Analia, also began competing as an amateur. “He was driven,” he credits to his ability to transport. She is aware of and directs the hype caused by Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami: in addition to her stay in Florida, she has a restaurant, AmaliaWhich is usually attended by football players, such as Kun Agüero or Maxi Rodriguez.

Valentino, who today has somewhat distanced himself from football, has not yet traveled to rock live with Las Garzas, the world champion, and Cremaci, his former teammate at Key Biscayne SC, until they parted ways. Although given his development in triathlon, he didn’t make a bad choice…

He has been professional since 2021
A picture from his football past. He had a good punch and a tough step to stop.
Valentino Agnelli training in Colorado

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