Jorge Salomon on David Ruiz’s interest in the United States

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- This Thursday Fanafouth He confirmed the renewal of the contract with Zambos, one of the strongest sponsors, in a ceremony held at the Tegucigalpa Children’s Stadium.

They were present at the event Rinaldo Rueda (Coach Honduras), Jorge Salomon (President of Finafut) and the media.

After the ceremony, the highest official of our federation spoke, who gave details of the Honduras agenda before facing Guatemala and confirmed the participation of Nacional de Tegucigalpa in the confrontation against Granada in the European Nations League.

In addition, it was announced that Reinaldo Rueda will present the final list next Monday, August 28, when the 24 players who will be called up for the three matches in September will be announced.

Press Conference

Will it be played against Granada in Nacional due to the marching issue?

Yes, the game is coming to Tegucigalpa, and we are glad the authorities are here in a world-class stadium, built for football, and in perfect condition. The letter “H” dates back to Tegucigalpa. To fill the playing field and get that referee. The match will take place on September 12th at 8 p.m. We hope all fans of this game will attend.

Rinaldo Rueda mini bikes

The professor worked hard, I had meetings with him (Reinaldo Rueda), I met with the chairmen of the selection committee. And it works. This process requires a lot of work, a lot of work and information.

They are already working with him, and they will be responsible for focusing when the coaching staff asks for it.

Could Maynor Figueroa join Miami for the duel against Guatemala?

It is the action plan that they have with the teacher. Operationally, the important thing is that they are already operational and have contacts with some external players.

Did Reinaldo Rueda apply?

Pure operational football stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. I thank the National League for the support they have given the national team in the matter of focus, we work as a team and we will all go to the World Cup together.

When will Reinaldo Rueda present the official list?

The siege is already done, Rinaldo Rueda will present the list on Monday, and we have to wait until he makes the list. The list of 50 banned players requested by FIFA has already been drawn up.

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