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“reindeer baby” It is the story of the harassment he suffered Comedian Richard Judd And what happened in The real life. The artist took it to the world of fantasy and it became one of the most watched series on Netflix. The success and quality of this television production made us wonder what really happened to the woman who inspired Martha (Jessica Gunning) in real life. Did he suffer the same fate as he did on the show? where is he now?

. It was Gad himself who explained what happened in the end with the stalker, especially after the play was shown.

Because before entering the broadcast, Gad’s plot was on stage and received the attention of the audience And the media. Of course, at that moment, he was bombarded with questions about the show’s main character.

Before I tell you more about the real Martha, I’ll spare you available on the streaming platform Netflix.


The real Martha from the movie “Baby Reindeer” is free. Since 2019, when the play premiered, Jade has told the media that the stalker complied with the restraining order to protect her safety and the safety of her family and friends.

Although the discount Netflix series She was sentenced to nine months in prison, but the woman who inspired the character was not sentenced to prison. In an interview with implying that he would prefer to avoid prison “for someone who suffers this level of mental discomfort.”

While in He explained that they took everything Narrative licenses to prevent the real Martha from being the same as the one in the imaginationBecause the goal was to show an “emotional truth” rather than for the stalker to recognize herself on screen.

“We did everything we could to hide her to the point where I don’t think she recognizes herself.” He said writer for the aforementioned magazine. He also did not reveal the name or give any clues about the woman.

Richard Gadd as Donnie in a scene from the series “Baby Render” (Photo: Netflix)

where is he now?

It is unknown where the real Martha from Baby Reindeer is.. Richard Gadd preferred not to reveal the identity of the stalker, especially after the initial success of the play and then the Netflix series.

However, in A woman claimed to be Netflix’s Martha D. Gadd and attacked the actor, blaming him for receiving threats for what he showed in the series. “I’m the victim. “He wrote a fucking show about me.”, He said. For her part, Saeed did not comment on the matter.

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How to watch “Baby the Reindeer”?

Series It is available in catalogue Netflix. To watch full episodes online, you must have a subscription to Streaming platform.

Jessica Gunning plays Martha in the seven episodes of the British series “Baby Reindeer” (Image: Netflix)

Summary of “The Reindeer Baby”

“When a struggling comedian shows a little kindness to a vulnerable woman, an unhealthy obsession is unleashed that threatens to destroy both their lives.”Description says Netflix.

More information about “Baby Reindeer”

Art paper for “Baby Reindeer”

  • Original title: Baby Reindeer
  • Year: 2024
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Original language: English
  • Director: Weronika Tovelska
  • Creator: Richard Judd
  • Screenplay: Richard Judd
  • Producer: Matthew Mollot.
  • Executive Producers: Richard Judd, Petra Fried, Ed MacDonald, and Matt Jarvis
  • Photography: Krzysztof Trojnar, Annika Summerson
  • Production company: Clerkenwell Films.
  • Distributor: Netflix

How many chapters does “The Reindeer Baby” contain?

Baby Reindeer, produced by Richard Gadd, Petra Frito, Ed MacDonald and Matt Jarvis, consists of seven episodes.

List of “Reindeer Baby” chapters.

  • episode 1. Donnie is a budding comedian and works in a bar. One day, he serves tea at home to a lonely woman who claims to be a lawyer. The obsession begins.
  • Episode 2. Donnie goes on a date with Terry and tells her all about his stalker. In trying to be nice, he ends up getting Martha’s hopes up and makes things worse.
  • Episode 3. Donnie decides to leave the bar for a while and tries to patch things up with Terry. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t let Martha out of his sight.
  • Episode 4. Donnie goes to the police to report Martha, which triggers a memory of a traumatic experience he had with a man years ago at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Episode 5. Liz finds out the truth about Martha and asks Donnie out. It’s a new beginning for him and Terry, but his memories keep him from getting closer.
  • Episode 6. Martha tries other methods to get closer to Donnie, such as hurting people he loves. As the police continue to fail to act, Donnie takes matters into his own hands.
  • Episode 7. For the first time in his career, Donnie feels like he’s going somewhere… until he makes a mistake that brings Martha back into his life.

When and where was “Reindeer Baby” recorded?

Filming for “Baby Reindeer” began in mid-August 2022 in Edinburgh at the Grassmarket. It then moved to London and finished in early March 2023.

Jessica Gunning plays Martha Scott, a former lawyer with a criminal past, in “Baby Reindeer” (Photo: Netflix)

What do the reviews say about “Reindeer Baby”?

  • Joel Keller “It’s a very engaging series because it’s incredibly funny and dark, and it doesn’t take the easy way out when it comes to its characters.”
  • Karina Adelgaard The entire series consists of just seven half-hour episodes, and it’s well worth your time. Well, except for the fact that it’s also pretty intense and gets pretty wild, so you might want to take a little break from time to time.
  • Aramide Tinubu “Raw and sometimes humorous, the audience learns more about Donnie and the complexities and events that shaped his humanity.”
  • Benji Wilson “It’s a complex, at times self-defeating, portrait of a mind eating itself alive. It’s not fun and it doesn’t pretend to be; that’s impressive as art, perhaps not so much as entertainment.”
  • Daniel Hart “It’s a miniseries for all the right reasons. It ultimately serves its purpose. It provokes its viewers. It surprises you by mixing comedy with pitch-black darkness. “It’s a fascinating hidden gem.”
  • Rebecca Nicholson In the long run, it’s frustrating. But at the same time, it is original, compelling and unforgettable.”
  • John O’Brien Gad is interested in tackling issues much heavier than booing, running orders, and theatrical blow-ups (prepare for a lot of embarrassment). She does so with a distinctive, intelligent voice that recognizes that there are not always definitive answers. “He is one of the front runners for the 2024 show.”
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Who are the actors and characters in the movie “BABY RINDER”?

  • Richard Gadd as Donnie Dunn
  • Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott
  • Nava Mau as Terry
Nava Mau plays Terry in the British series “Baby Reindeer” (Photo: Netflix)
  • Tom Goodman-Hill as Darren O’Connor
Tom Goodman-Hill plays Darren in the British series “Baby Reindeer” (Image: Netflix)
  • Amanda Root as Elle
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Jerry
  • Hugh Coles as Francis
  • Danny Kieran as Gino.
  • Michael Wildman as Gregsy
  • Shalom Bron-Franklin as Kelly.
  • Nina Sosanya as Liz.
  • Alexandria Reilly as Detective Culver.
  • Thomas Combs as Officer Daniels.

What is Martha’s illness in “Baby Reindeer”?

Over the course of seven episodes, the Netflix series offers viewers an intense psychological journey, exploring Martha’s unhealthy obsession with Donnie and its impact on her life. Which raises the question: “What is stalker disease?” Unlike other cases seen in shows like “You” or “The Watcher,” the behavior of Jessica Gunning’s character is very distinct. Is she perhaps a sociopath or is her diagnosis more complicated?

Martha in a scene from the final episode of “Baby the Reindeer” (Photo: Netflix)

What the woman claiming to be Martha from ‘The Reindeer Baby’ said

Although the production was very careful not to reveal the woman’s identity or leave clues that could represent a parallel to the true identity, the truth is that the woman claimed to be the person behind the character and threatened to sue her. To Netflix.

In an interview with local media, a woman, whose identity was kept confidential, said: She claimed to be the real Martha and accused Jade and the Netflix series of fostering hatred towards herso he evaluates the claim.

“The Reindeer Baby”: The deleted scene that reveals what happened to Donnie and Terry

Although “Reindeer Baby” deals with painful themes, it also has a place for love in the heart of Donnie, the protagonist, along with Terry, a psychotherapist played by Mexican Nava Mau. Although there is an ending to the novel, the actress said there is a deleted scene that says more about the couple’s outcome. what is he talking about?

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What is the real identity of Darren O’Connor from ‘BABY REINDEER’ on NETFLIX?

The series “Baby Reindeer” has made a huge impact on Netflix subscribers around the world due to its creative proposal and the outstanding work of its cast, but – above all – because it is based on the true story behind some precise personal experiences of the protagonist Richard Gadd. Therefore, after watching it, many viewers speculated about the real identity of Darren O’Connor, the fictional version of the man who attacked the show’s creator in real life.

Curious about the “reindeer baby” that you definitely don’t know:

  • Richard Judd presented the plot of the project in a play presented at the Edinburgh Festival with the same name before transferring the rights to Netflix.
  • In the series, Martha is sentenced to nine months in prison and given a restraining order. But in reality she was not convicted because he did not want her imprisoned due to her mental health condition.
  • In interviews with several media outlets in his country, Richard Gadd revealed that, as in the series, his friends at the bar were joking about his fan, but they were not worried about the situation at all.
  • In “Baby Reindeer,” Nava Mau plays Terry, who, like in real life, is a transgender woman. Despite this, Richard Judd found himself in a difficult situation where he had to make the decision to end the relationship he so desperately wanted, as his partner became the target of his stalker’s harassment.

Stephen King’s tribute to ‘BABY REINDEER’, the NETFLIX rage series

He certainly wasn’t the first to join the “Baby Reindeer” fever, but he was one of the most vocal. Author Stephen King, the author of numerous horror and psychological fiction novels, took time to praise the work of Richard Judd through a column he wrote in The Times. What exactly did he say?

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