Photographer Alberto Orego dies – cycling – sport

Alberto Orego She was born for cycling and photography. How difficult is it to write these lines, to tell that he no longer exists to be alert when a stage arrives in order to have the exact moment the day’s winner streaked on the sentence line first in part of a cycling competition.

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He was one of those who traveled the promenade or theater routes against the clock to choose the best location. He said, “One corner is enough, everyone passes by,” and sat on the asphalt to do his job, capturing the exact moment of victory or defeat.

Alberto was trained in Cycling World MagazineNext to his brother, Hector OrrigoThe “teacher” to whom he was assigned the direction of filming.

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Multiple laps of Colombia, countless RCN classics and the many youth courses he has covered, always ready to give his best, whether in rain, cold or heat, in Plato in a truck, on a motorbike or on foot on the ground.

This was the Tour de France, where he worked in Europe alongside the most experienced bicycle photographers and there also took the best photos of the most important race in the world.

He was responsible for creating the Missing Photo Press Group Sports Magazine Had the opportunity to cover USA 94 FIFA World Cup and 1995 Cycling World Cup.

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Photography section of the newspaper space He also witnessed his hard work, for a time he worked at EL TIEMPO and returned to Mundo Ciclístico.

He was a happy person, a good friend, of gigantic human quality and an excellent coverage partner, always ready to tell the journalist the details he saw, and the story he knew could be of interest. Alberto loved the Volkswagen Beetle, He had several and pumped them whenever he could.

The cycling family and the press mourn him and knock out one of the cycling’s graphic report icons.

It won’t close anymore. The eagle’s eye has been closed to achieve the best arrival image. Fly high, Alberto, fly …

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