How to follow the flight in real time from your mobile phone

Want to know where your flight is now? These apps will help you find out

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There are people who are so fond of traveling by plane that they know all the tricks to find cheap flights on Google Flights or have even tried flight simulators. If this is your case, or simply if you are waiting for someone traveling and want to know where they are going now, Follow the flight in real time From your mobile phone can be very practical. There are many applications that can do this Make this task easier for us at any time Time or place so that we know at all times the location of the aircraft of interest to us.

Aviation radar 24

Flight Radar 24 application

In this application we will only have to point out Flight number Which we are interested in and we will have access to information about it in real time, including the notifications we will receive in case of delays or any news that may be important.

One of the strengths of this application is that it allows us to see Pilot perspective in three dimensions At the exact moment we consult the journey. Something that may not be the most practical feature but sets it apart from other similar apps.

Flight Radar 24 | play store


Screenshots of Flightaware app

Screenshots of Flightaware app

In this application you can access All information about the trip Which you refer to by adding only its number. In addition, you can see it in full screen mode Flight tracking mapso you can know the corresponding flights of all the aircraft currently flying over the place you are located or the region of interest to you.

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You will be able to get Notifications When a flight departs, when it arrives, and when there is an expected delay in its arrival, so you can always be in the know.

Aviation Software | play store

Live planes

Screenshots of the live aircraft application

Screenshots of the live aircraft application

This application allows you to see all the necessary information about the trip you want, so that you can Choose the best time to receive your family at the airport Whether you have to wait or be late. It can be programmed to send to you Unlimited number of alertsso that you do not have to monitor the plane all the time to know its destination.

Airplanes live | play store

Application in the air

In principle, this application is designed for reservations Flights and excursion organizationso it may seem that this is not what we are looking for.

However, once we add journey to it, it gives us All necessary information Turn it around. This way, we can know what time he leaves, If there is any delay And the real-time location you are currently in. Therefore, it can be an interesting application not only for those who are traveling but also for those who are waiting for them at the destination.

Application in the air | play store

By air

Screenshot via air

Screenshot via air

This application, in addition to providing us with real-time information about the status of the flight we are interested in, also gives us everything we need to know about Airports From all over the world. If you don’t know where the boarding gate is or where you need to go to pick up your traveler, this app has Simple plans That will help you.

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In the air | play store

Flight tracker and flight radar

Screenshots of Flight Radar and Flight Tracker

Screenshots of Flight Radar and Flight Tracker

This application contains all the information you may need Both travelers and family members They have to wait to be picked up at the airport. For the first time, if you enter a trip, you will be notified of any Changing the departure time or boarding gate, so you can make sure you’re never left on the floor. And if what you need is to wait for someone to pick them up, if you look up their flight, you can see that Where you are in real timeso you can choose the best time to go to the airport to pick it up.

Flight tracker and flight radar | play store


The Aena application allows us to access all the necessary information about flights arriving or departing from one of the 43 airports that we can find in Spain. In addition to seeing Where is our trip headed?,We can also access other interesting information such as option Book parking or café location To get something while we wait.

Inna | play store

Flight tracker radar live 24

Screenshots of Flight Tracker Radar Live 24

Screenshots of Flight Tracker Radar Live 24

This application gives us access to real-time flight maps, so we can know at all times Where is the plane of interest to us? Or what planes are flying over our area at that moment. In addition, it is also updating Weather informationso we can intuit if we’re going to encounter turbulence and the like.

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Flight tracker radar live 24 | play store

Air tracker

This application is very similar in principle to previous applications. If we add a trip to it, we will be able to know all the information about it and see Real time map From where it is located. But what distinguishes it from other similar tools is that it allows us to see 3D animation So we can get an idea of ​​what is experienced on board in a more realistic way.

airtracker | play store

Aircraft spotter

Finally, this application allows you to access all the details of any flight currently flying over any point on the planet. from Location in real time Until the scheduled departure and arrival times. You can even Add your boarding passes To bring them directly into this application, without having to use any additional tools.

It has no ads and has the option to do so Sync information with your calendar app So you don’t miss anything.

Flight Tracking | play store

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