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race Medicine She was not born as we know her today; With a basic course, clinical course, university training and A social service. Each stage of formation has its own story. related to A social serviceDr. Juan José Mazón Ramírez explains how it all began: “On December 2, 1935, Gustavo Paz presented the project realization project to the rector of the university, El Chico Guern. A social service affiliate Interns affiliate National School of Medicine; It was his response to demagogues who accused the university of being elitist and called for a supposed divorce between it and the people of Mexico. In 1936 AD A social service Mandatory upon conclusion of the first agreement between a public sector agency, the then Department of Public Health and UNAM. (1)

And in this brief narrative we find one of the documents that defines A social service It is the source of many problems: the cooperation agreement between a health institution and an educational institution. The said agreement shall specify the responsibilities, obligations and liabilities of each organization; However, on many occasions, it is not updated or is not known to the operating staff and is therefore not adhered to. A cooperation agreement is necessary. In good agreement we can find the answer to many problems.

With regard to the legal basis of Social Service, Article 5 of the Constitution states, in its second paragraph, that the law of each federal entity determines the professions that need a title to practice and the conditions for obtaining it. And in all states of the republic Medicine It is one of those professions that require a degree. Therefore, the mandatory nature of the job title for the practice of the profession makes it necessary A social service something inevitable in the domain Medicine. Both Article 137 of the Public Education Law and Article 52 of the Law Organizing Article 5 of the Constitution define the compulsory nature of education. A social service. This obligation is also recognized in Section 84 of the Public Health Act, and for this reason A social service -be it good or bad- there is no escape from practicing the profession.

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To understand the legal status of the trainee A social service It is necessary to refer to Article 53 of the Law regulating Article 5 of the Constitution, where A social service Such as work of a temporary nature and through remuneration carried out and provided by professionals and students In the interest of society and the state.

So the intern A social service It’s in limbo: between the undergraduate trainee who’s just a college student, the general practitioner who’s a licensed professional, and the resident doctor who’s both a worker and a student. the Apprentice A social service He develops a temporary job, but without being recognized as a worker in the health institution.

And this ambiguity in their social status lends itself to many abuses. Because even though they should be paid for their work, it is often not enough, and they don’t even have money to go to and back in their clinic.

The fact is that after nearly ninety years A social service in Medicine Many changes have occurred in their daily practices and legislation It did not progress at the same pace. We now have a large number of Interns Carrying out research, administrative and teaching tasks. I think this is not bad, let’s remember that not all doctors will be doctors and that all these other activities can also benefit society and are common practice in other disciplines. It is important to have options for those people who would not choose a position as a first GP or specialist doctor. The problem is that these diverse realities and choices are not reflected in our lives legislation. For example, while In CDMX only 4.3% of medical workers Direct contact with the patient We are InternsIn Oaxaca, the figure is 31.6%. In Nuevo León it is 8% and in Michoacan it is 25% (the national average is 13.3%). At the national level, the way government is expressed is changing. A social service. Each entity has its own characteristics and needs, but in all of them we find modalities A social service which is not reflected in the regulations. Undoubtedly, the reality of medical training has changed over the past 90 years, but these changes have not been reflected in the systems.

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Regarding the problems that occur in A social service In a document published by the International Center for Health Services entitled: Community Social Work Strategy with a focus on Medicine familiar: general instructions It is mentioned in the “Forum Analysis A social service And after the passage of 80 years since its establishment” (2), which was implemented in 2016, he concluded the following:

1. the A social service to MedicineIn most educational institutions it is not part of the curriculum, so the academic training of the trainee does not continue.

2. Educational institutions have little or no contact with physicians Interns.

3. The scholarship amount is insufficient.

4. There are few technological developments for the clinical practice and training of medical trainees.

5. Huge administrative burdens on the trainee doctor.

6. Doctors Interns Where they stay alone for a year in health centers, which generates a feeling of abandonment, loneliness, tension, depressive disorders, and problems of interaction with society.

7. There is little or no oversight.

8. Perception of insecurity.

Finally, on August 7-8, 2023, UNAM CU National Forum for Social Work and Medical Residencies Where a large number of health professionals gathered to discuss challenges A social service. The conclusions were similar to those in the document I just mentioned. to Partner serviceHe needs one Reformation. We have to adapt A social service to the twenty-first century. its current regulatory framework is insufficient; But, we must be careful about where we are going Reformation. These changes must be made by listening to the people they work with on a daily basis Interns to A social service Regulations must take into account the needs and characteristics of each country. It should not be a straitjacket, but it should set out the rights and obligations of all involved and the patient’s health and well-being a mainstay. Interns. In addition, in Reformation the legislationYou should also listen to Interns To find out how people live today A social service And how can we improve it.

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1. Juan José Mazón Ramírez, L. Legal Framework A social serviceMedical Journal of Mexico, Mexico, Vol. 148, 2012, p.285

2. Visible at:

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