ICEX analyzes the UK’s new regulations on agri-food imports

Government sub-delegate in Almeria, Jose Maria MartinThis morning he attended the conference on the new model of import controls for plant products in the UK, organized by ICEX Spain, the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in London and the Regional Trade Directorate in Almería and held at CIT Coxbal.

Martin It was reported that the UK last week began introducing post-Brexit physical inspections on imports of plants and animals from the EU. “Some random controls, as described Martin“Over time it will also be applied to vegetables and fruits.”

The Border Objective Operating Model (BTOM) includes the new model that will be applied in sanitary and phytosanitary controls for the import of agri-food products, following the various postponements that have occurred since the UK left the EU in January 2021. Medium and high risk plant origin must be accompanied by health certificates Vegetarian since January 31. Therefore, on April 30, the second phase began in which these products must enter through authorized border control points, where they can be subjected to physical and identity control.

The sub-delegate stressed that “the aim of this day is to gain in-depth knowledge of the requirements of British regulations thanks to the information received from the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in London and the experience of two companies that export plants, fruits and vegetables, as well as developments in customs procedures after Britain’s exit from the European Union from the hands of a specialized customs authority.” .

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Martin He expressed his thanks for the presence of the Trade Counselor at the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in London, Rafael Ortega Ripoll, the Technician at the General Directorate of Health Agreements and Border Control, Maria Arana, and the Regional Director for Trade and Development on this day. ICEX representative in Almeria, Concepcion Alcoba, as well as officials from Única, Viveros Medipalm and Paez Aduanas who explained the customs procedures to which the operators are subject.

Given the importance of consuming Spanish products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables in the UK, the sub-delegate highlighted “the importance and clear purpose of these days for companies that maintain their exports with the UK and that they can solve any problem” “I can propose to you to implement this second phase in Implement sanitary and phytosanitary controls.”

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