International Environmental Film Festival in Patagonia

We are already living in the new normal, and this has led to the development of this 6th edition of the Patagonia International Environmental Film Festival (PEFF) in a hybrid format, combining face-to-face shows, live broadcasts and local TV broadcasts. From 1 to 5 October, you can Watch over 60 movies for free Which deals with issues related to the problems of the planet.

PROFILE participated in the personal opening at the Cine Teatro Auditorium in Puerto Madryn, to a room full of protocols, where the movie was shown Ocean Souls Deal Director Philip Hamilton From the United Kingdom on the life of cetaceans.

The festival directors, Christian Perez-Schigliano and Joel Scott Hume, spoke about the importance of being able to organize an event that combines different formats and explained that all the programs of the International Feature Film Competition will be on Sunday and Monday. He was seen in the same room.

The festival also has a second venue at the Parador Náutico Bistro, where there will be activities tomorrow such as the beach cleanup campaign”I love my beach 2021″, an eco-cinema for children, PEFF Solar, live music powered by solar panels and a planetarium to be installed where there will be projections above the space. This year, it also included a section with a gender perspective

The crisis we are going through demands the best of people and all sectors. It is no longer possible to continue without decisions that are adopted in an informed, participatory and inclusive manner”, Lic. Ana Julia Gómez, coordinating the celebration of protected and protected areas and their peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Of the more than 600 films received from Chile, the United States, Spain, Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico and Argentina, 60 films were selected to be part of the seven official divisions of the 2021 edition.

In addition, the event will include sustainable musical performances, photographic exhibitions, workshops, talks, meetings with directors, commissions, and audiovisual installations. All activities will be with free entry.

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