The Bolivian Foreign Minister begins an official visit to China

Sources from the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that the minister will visit the cities of Beijing and Shanghai from next Sunday until the 30th of this month, with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations, as well as enhancing cooperation in strategic fields.

During his stay in the Asian country, Sosa will address an agenda that includes issues of cooperation in areas such as tourism, technology, energy and other sectors of common interest.

The two parties believe that this is an important milestone on the international agenda regarding diplomatic relations between the two countries, which is strengthened by dialogue between high-level representatives, in both Bolivia and China.

The Chancellor's stay in the Asian giant has a direct precedent on her official visit to Russia, and reaffirms the Plurinational State's commitment to strengthening cooperation and constructive dialogue in the international arena, in the context of People's Diplomacy for Life. .

At the beginning of February, the minister endorsed Bolivia's support for the one-China policy in a speech on the Spring Festival.

Speaking at the Chinese Embassy in La Paz, Sosa reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with the country, which he described as a sister country.

During 2024, the South American country and China will celebrate 38 years of diplomatic relations, with a mutual commitment to peace and development, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this sense, Sosa highlighted that the government of President Luis Arce is characterized by building the economy in order to live well towards industrialization with import substitution.

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In this regard, he referred to the agreements signed between Chinese companies and Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos.

This government company has signed agreements with international Chinese companies to manufacture evaporators using Direct Lithium Extraction (EDL) technology in two pilot plants.

Other export quality items of Bolivian origin for which China is a major consumer partner include meat and other minerals.

For his part, the Chinese Ambassador to Bolivia, Wang Liang, stressed the strategic relationship between the two countries, which is witnessing sustainable and stable development, which contributes to strengthening the economy of the multinational state through bilateral work and industrialization.


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