UK mobilizes army to ease crisis

The British government will mobilize 200 members of the British Army, including a hundred specialized drivers, to facilitate the tasks of distributing gasoline at service stations in the country, which is currently seriously hampered by a shortage of tankers.

Similarly, the British government has announced the launch of a visa renewal scheme for nearly 5,000 foreign airlines that will have to leave the country on December 24 and will now be able to stay until the end of February.

Similarly, the government has offered immediate entry into the country for another 300 drivers who will receive a temporary visa until March 2022.

In a related development, the British opposition called for an emergency session of Parliament and the attendance of British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to explain the circumstances of the crisis.

Parties such as the Scottish National are linking the situation directly to the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, as its parliamentary leader, Ian Blackford, pointed out at the time. “The lack of jobs, rising costs, empty stores, the fuel crisis and trade barriers are causing us serious harm,” he lamented.

For his part, the British government’s business minister, Kwasi Quarting, called for calm. He stressed that “there is no shortage of fuel in the UK and we are now seeing stabilizing demand. Our storage capacity continues to rise, as well as initial fuel shipments.”

However, the Service Station Operators Association warned that the crisis is still weeks away, especially for independent suppliers, especially those affected by this paralysis, according to its president, Brian Maderson.

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He explained to the BBC: “Military drivers will be of great help, but we must prioritize shipments to independent terminals which are ultimately life supply centres.”

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