Sunak plans to detain migrants with the aim of sending them to Rwanda

LONDON (EFE).- Britain's Conservative government plans to begin a process on Monday to detain asylum seekers across the United Kingdom in preparation for their deportation to Rwanda, The Guardian reported on Sunday.

According to the newspaper, the authorities will detain potential refugees who attend routine meetings with immigration services and take them and others to detention centers.

Given this news, a source from the Ministry of Interior told the BBC that the operation has reached its final stage and arrests are expected in the coming weeks.

Deportation of migrants arriving in the UK

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak previously said the first charter flights to the African country would depart “within ten to twelve weeks”.

This is after the British Parliament, with a conservative majority, last Tuesday, approved the law declaring Rwanda a “safe country” for deporting migrants who arrive in the United Kingdom through irregular routes.

Sunak issued this law after the Supreme Court had previously deemed his Rwandan plan illegal, concluding that Kigali did not provide sufficient guarantees to protect human rights.

The Guardian newspaper indicates that accelerating the process of detaining potential deportees may be a government strategy to improve its prospects before the municipal by-elections scheduled for Thursday in England, in which the ruling party faces a possible historic defeat.

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