Rugby: Sencia and Las Cocos start an exciting season

The two main reviewers of Seville rugby, Ciencias Innerside and Cortiva Cocos, start tomorrow Sunday, the season in which they have high hopes.

The Sciences A tough start to the year it will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Sevillian’s team travels to Madrid to face Lexus Alcobendas (12:30 pm) The current champion of the King’s Cup. Those of Tiki Inchausti have been pinned to the top of the table for several seasons, putting titles at stake and going to be a tough touchstone to start with.

Despite the quality of Agustín Schabb, Diego Perotti and Steward and important reinforcements like Granella, the Sevillians travel with conviction that they can do well in a league debut. According to his coach, the feelings expressed by the team are “very positive”.

“There is a lot of desire in the group to start the competition, the team has done well in pre-season and is excited. We have prepared for the Alcobendas match all week and on Sunday we will compete with all our weapons as we are in every game this week. This season”, confirmed the Sevilla coach, Baku Gonzalez.

The list of 23 called up is made up of: Rafael Romo, Juanchi Perez, Oscar Sanchez, Jodi Allen, Nacho Salazar, Vincent O’Brien, Genero Gonzalez, Manolo Bobo, Woody Kirkwood, Lulu Rogues-Tabernero, Franco Lopez, Miguel Ichicopes, Sam Wesley and Facundo , Coco Roldan, Cormac Fox, Clement Gasca, Declan Barnett, Juan Dominguez, Gillo Mateo, Miguel Reyna, Mano Moreno, Axel Papa.

Las Cocos, before another “ghoul”

If science is hard to start, it can’t be easier “Cocodrilas” In the back of the top women’s rugby category. The renewed Sevilla team will face a historic match, which is CR Majadahonda, The current league runner-up after losing the final against Complutense Cisneros.

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Like their “neighbors”, they will also start the season in Madrid (1:00 pm), in a campaign in which the league relives its usual double role, semi-finals and final. The top eight national teams in the women’s category will face each other in 14 days, oddly enough to start with the second rather than the first, as this had to be postponed to a date yet to be confirmed due to the commitments of several players with the Spaniards. Fifteenth team.

The team coached by Mano Sobrino has several new additions, such as Samoan Easter Savelio, American Jocelyn Jones or Australian Janita. In addition to the renovations of Sasha Mahuika, Kassandra Sylla, Thalia Brody, Lea Ducher or Blanca Ruiz among others, the green and black family are joined by Beatriz Baraia, Carmen García, Nicole Cerulli and María José Extemera.

The Crocodiles hope to once again adapt to the rhythm of the competition and to enter new deals into the game dynamics as soon as possible. The goal, like last year, is to fight again for the league title that was achieved two seasons ago.

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