Easter religious humor is one of the best Netflix recommended movies

The Easter holiday week About to start and if it is Coronavirus pandemic It spoiled your exit plans, and here we recommend a movie that goes well with those dates and is indexed as One of the The best Netflix movies.

It comes to b Life of Brian, A bar of Religious humor 1979 from Monty Python This is available at Running platform.

Brian’s life was written by Monty Python, some English comedians They were dedicated in their TV show to ridiculing and questioning everything that affected the British Empire.

In this movie, the snakes focused their mockery on a character Jesus ChristAnd sacred history and religion in general.

In fact, the movie was blocked by some Rowing, Until it is banned in countries like Norway.

The film is produced by the former member of the BeatlesAnd the George Harrison, Who set up his production company, Handmade Films, to finance it, and even made a cameo in it.

What is the movie Life of Brian about?

The film is about the life of Brian A. Judo This is like JessBorn in a stable PelinNext to the real one TablesWhere it is confused with Wise men, Those who believe that he is the Savior.

With time, Brian is still mistaken for Jesus the Christ – he has become Prophet He is an active member of the separatist front in Judea, which opposes the Romans.

Directed by Terry Jones, the film was a box office success upon its release, thus making it the fourth highest grossing film of any film in the UK.

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Despite the negative reviews, the film received very positive reviews and is considered to be so Best comedy movie ever.

Now you know, if you want to have fun at Easter, “Brian’s Life” can become one of your favorites by putting yourself high on the charts. The best Netflix movies.


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