Health Sciences already has its own simulation laboratory in honor of Sáinz de Aja | Ceuta TV | Ceuta news

Just after 10 a.m. on Monday, our city’s new College of Health Sciences simulation lab officially opened. The inauguration benefited from the presence of the President of the University of Granada, Pilar Aranda, in Ceuta, who visited Ceuta on the occasion of the opening of the university session.

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The opening of this laboratory was also a tribute to him. From today it bears the name of Margarita Sáinz de Aja, who was the Director of the School of Nursing in our city and one of the people who worked with more focus due to her integration into the University of Granada, to which she now belongs under the Faculty of Health Sciences. A passionate tribute from those who were his colleagues as well as from the Rector to an “extraordinary person” who devoted his life to training future health workers in our city.

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Some future nurses who from today have yet another tool to continue learning, this recently opened simulation lab, with the latest technology, that will allow students to face situations that they will later have to face in their careers. That is why they have the latest technology and everything necessary to make the treatment of the simulated patient as real as possible.

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Besides the newly opened simulation lab, the students of UGR in Ceuta also have a multi-purpose laboratory for physiology, biochemistry, experimental science education, organization … who accompanied her on this visit to our city under the existing excellent relationship. Pilar Aranda stated that the goal is to continue to improve the facilities, and to put this type of resource in the hands of the student body, in order to continue improving the quality of teaching.

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