Prince Harry is in London but will not visit King Charles III

The Duke of Sussex arrived in the United Kingdom to attend a charity event, and he will not see his father during his visit to the country. Why won’t you see it and what is the event.

he Prince HarryWho arrived in London on Tuesday to attend a charity event. he The prince will not see his fatherhe King Charles IIIHis spokesman said that he was suffering from cancer during his visit to the United Kingdom.

he The Duke of Sussex has difficult relations with the King Especially with his brother, heir to the crown, William, since he gave up his royal obligations in 2020 to settle in California with his wife Megan.

Prince Harry’s visit to London

However, during his last known visit to the UK, on ​​February 6, He stopped in London to see Carlos briefly.who was just announced to have been diagnosed with cancer.


Prince Harry visits for a charity event.

Prince Harry visits for a charity event.

This time, he arrived in the British capital for a spell A ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, an international competition for wounded soldiers, leading to hopes of a possible visit from his father. But the meeting “Unfortunately this will not be possible due to His Majesty’s busy schedule,” Charles III saidHarry’s spokesperson said.

“The Dukenaturally, Aware of his father’s agendaThe same source added, “His other obligations and priorities, and I hope we will see him soon.”

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King Charles III and his public agenda

Nine months after his coronation in May 2023, The monarchy announced in February that Charles III was suffering from cancer Which was discovered after prostate surgery in January.

he King for 75 yearsHe is still in treatment, It resumed its public activities last weekHe smiles and greets people but walks slowly.

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