Microsoft is closing the studios it recently acquired with Bethesda

We already have Microsoft’s first victims After the acquisition of Bethesda, we’re talking about the closure of Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog, and Tango Gameworks studios. While a specific number of laid-off employees has not been revealed, some of those jobs will go to Bethesda’s corporate and editorial teams.

So you have context, Pillars of Austin Beyond the Dishonored saga, but also well known And the latest failure, Redfall. Tango games Behind good games like Hi-Fi Rush and The Evil Within. while
Alpha Dog Studios Beyond Mighty DOOM (DOOM for mobile devices). Well, all these studios have already issued an official statement that they will be closing their doors next August 7.

The person responsible for announcing the studios’ closure was Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios at Microsoft

Xbox Game Studios games

In an email message The director, sent by Matt Botti, noted that these layoffs and cuts were related to “Reorganize priorities of titles and resourcesSpecifically, it is noted that now, after the acquisition, Bethesda and ZeniMax have been introduced to their teams. This means changes to prioritize titles that generate Great effect “And invest more in Bethesda’s portfolio of blockbuster games and beloved worlds.”Which I have grown for decades“.

Basically, it states that Microsoft It will double its commitment to these benefits. On the other hand, they will invest in creating new opportunities, but to do so they will analyze all opportunities better. Among the companies leaving Microsoft are Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Studios, and Tango Gameworks. On the other hand, it is noted that Roundhouse Merging Games
With ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS). His new role will be to help them work on The Elder Scrolls Online

“This reorganization of titles and resources means that some teams will be reassigned to other teams and that some of our colleagues will leave us. These changes are not a reflection of the creativity and skill of the talented people on these teams or the risks they take to try new things.”

This is the future that awaits affected studios and workers

Microsoft buys BethesdaMicrosoft buys Bethesda

Pillars of Austin – This studio will be closed and some team members will join other studios to work on Bethesda projects. Arkane Austin has a history of creating impactful and innovative games, one that everyone should be proud of. The previous Redfall update will be the last, as we have finished development on the game. The game and its servers will remain online for players to enjoy and we will offer bonus offers to players who have purchased Hero DLC.

Alpha Dog Studios -This studio will also be closed. We appreciate the team’s creativity in bringing DOOM to new players. Mighty Doom will disappear on August 7, and we will disable players’ ability to make in-game purchases.

Tango games – Tango Gameworks will also be closed. We value your contribution to Bethesda and players around the world. Hi-Fi Rush will still be available to players on current platforms.

Round house games – The Roundhouse Games team will join ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS). The Roundhouse has played a key role in many of our recent game releases, and joining ZOS to work on The Elder Scrolls Online will mean we can do even more to grow the world that millions of players call home.

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