WhatsApp multi-device support is now automatically enabled for some users

WhatsApp was finally added in July Support for multiple devicesThis is a feature that WhatsApp users have been asking for for years. At the time, the multi-device feature was only available to some beta WhatsApp users. A few months later, WhatsApp also released a standard version. Until now, this feature was optional, which means you have to try it out in a cross-device beta program from within the app. But that is about to change, as WhatsApp has started forcing users to upgrade to multiple versions of devices.

discovered before WABetainfoWhatsApp has started rolling out a new beta update, which removes the option to opt out of the multi-device beta program, meaning an immediate public rollout of the feature. If you are part of a multi-device beta program, you can no longer exit the program. For those who do not join the program, the update will remove it from all of their previously connected devices, forcing them to reconnect using the multi-device feature. This change is coming WhatsApp beta Version

image rights: WABetainfo

For starters, the multi-device support allows users to access WhatsApp on other connected devices without having to connect their primary smartphone to the internet. Users can connect up to 4 devices other than phones. This means that you cannot use the same WhatsApp account on more than one phone, but you can use the same account on WhatsApp for internet, desktop and portal at the same time.

WhatsApp is testing a lot of new features recently. Last month we found some tips New WhatsApp feature called Communities. WABetainfo I have now shared more details about this feature in development. According to the statement, the communities will be a new place for team managers where they can chat with other executives and access tools to better manage teams. This feature is still under development and cannot be accessed by end users yet.

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