AMLO will tour 23 states to end health system ‘better than Denmark’


The President said he will visit all states that have joined the IMSS-Wellbeing program to complete the improvement of the health system

They are celebrating the 80th anniversary of IMSS: “We will have a high-quality health system,” emphasizes AMLO| politeness

Mexico.- president Andrés Manuel Lopez ObradorHe said that after the elections, he will tour across the country to “raise white flags” in the states where the new health system is being implemented, which is one of his government’s main commitments.

From the National Palace, in his morning conference, the President announced his tour, which will begin on September 14, across the country’s twenty-third state to announce the completion of the health system, “better than Denmark’s system.”

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We will begin a tour across 23 states to raise white flags, state after state, ending the public health system, that is, the public health plan, on September 2, we reported on the 1st and from the 2nd to the 14th of September pure health. The committees and everything will help me prove to the opponents, the conservatives, that we will have a better health system than the health system in Denmark, because how they laugh, only the one who laughs last laughs the most, and for me “I really like these challenges,” he said.

López Obrador reiterated that he will fulfill his campaign commitment to guarantee medical care for all Mexicans in states that have accepted the health system union.

“It is a commitment that we will fulfill before we finish our mandate, and we will create a first-class public health system, for all people, that is, universal. This means high-quality medical care, with general doctors and family doctors available in all health centres, 11,000 health centres, from Monday Until Sunday.”

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“It is ensuring the right to health, this is what we are doing and this is what we will leave behind before we finish, this entire health system in 23 states has accepted federalism, has accepted that we work together for this purpose and we are moving forward,” he pointed out.

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