Thousands of Cuban migrants in Tapachula were left without flight permits

Mexican authorities on Monday told Cuban migrants in Tapachula that their flight permit was suspended to reach the southern border with the United States, unleashing chaos.

After hundreds of people demanded a response from the island, the authorities informed them that they would not grant them permission. As explained, Cubans who are on parole on humanitarian grounds will be able to obtain this flight permit, but the rest will have to continue their journey by land.

“They gave us new instructions: as of the 14th, they can no longer travel. We will only remain with the parole program, nothing more. “Only those who bought tickets before the 14th can travel.” They said To the Cubans.

Faced with this unexpected news, the Cubans expressed their regret over this announcement and stressed that if they continued the overland journey, they would be putting their lives in danger and demanded a solution.

Travel authorization was granted normally, but the provisions changed this week, so the Cubans must travel to Mexico City to continue their plans.

“It’s messy here” He said Kobe from Tapachula to journalist Mario Benton. Since this morning, hundreds of Cubans have been demanding permission to fly and protesting the lack of seriousness of the authorities.

Chaos with Cuban immigrants in Tapachula

I heard a woman say: “We Cubans here in Tapachula ask for permission to fly and they refuse.” “We want an answer,” they shouted. Many people confirmed that there are children and pregnant women who are now left in limbo.

The migration wave gained strength after several months, and Mexico was very close to breaking the record for asylum applications this year.

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Andres Ramírez Silva, director of the Mexican Commission to Assist Refugees (COMAR), commented that asylum requests this year could reach 150,000, a number higher than the record 129,000 in 2021. Mexican authorities believe they will break the record and will receive about 150,000. advanced.

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