Xochitl Galvez assumes that a supporter living in the United Kingdom will vote for her | video

A man showed his voting moment from the UK (Photo: Taken from X/@XochitlGalvez)

Presidential candidate of the Coalition of Strength and Heart for Mexico, Xochitl Galvez RuizShe bragged about a video in which a man living abroad confirmed that he would vote for her in the country's upcoming elections.

Through her account on the social networking site PAN, PRI and PRD The clip was shared by one of his followers, who announced that he lives in the United Kingdom and expressed his decision.

Galvez Ruiz thanked the fan and accompanied the photos with a comment saying:

“The first vote in the election is already our vote. Thank you very much Sergio Wake Up Mexico! If we get out to vote, we will win.”

The presidential candidate posted a video on social media of a young man casting his vote. Source: Government of Mexico

In the video you can see the man with… Electoral ticket In hand, which profusely repeats the decision he made in favor of the presidential candidate.

“I want all Mexicans to know that the first vote is in favor Xochitl Galvez “Here he is,” said the follower.

The National Electoral Institute works to encourage voting, so that Mexicans who wish to do so can cast their ballots through registered methods.

In this way, interested parties will be able to start the registration process through the official website of the INE, called the Registration System for Voting from abroad.

The presidential candidate showed a video on social media. (Giovanni Perez)

Once there, voters must disclose whether their credentials were issued in Mexico or another country.

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Then you will have to share some personal information such as: official ID, proof of address that is not more than three months old, phone number and email.

After that, you will have to choose one of three voting methods: electronic voting, postal voting, or in-person voting at consular offices approved by the National Electoral Institute.

In this case, voters will receive in their email a username, password and instructions for accessing the Online Electronic Voting System (SIVEI). Information will be provided before May 3, 2024.

In this way, in the first week of May, the institute will send a package containing ballots, instructions and envelopes in different colors.

Once they have determined their preferences, the citizen must fold the ballots and keep them in an envelope. It must be remembered that the INE covers the shipping costs and the INE must receive the votes before June 1, 2024.

As the name suggests, here the interested party must show up at the voting reception units and come on Sunday, June 2 with their voter ID card. Available locations are in the United States, Montreal, Madrid and Paris.

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