Professionals in MIDA and agricultural sciences agree to increase salaries

The authorities of the Ministry of Agricultural Development led by President Augusto Valderrama and the leadership of agricultural science professionals have reached an agreement to increase salaries by 12% for the period 2024-2028.

This increase is based on Law 11 of April 12, 1982, which regulates the arrangement of professionals in agricultural sciences, who provide services in various state administrations, in autonomous and semi-autonomous entities, municipalities, and any official organization and companies. private. Article 13 stipulates that the salary scale must be reviewed every five years with the aim of updating it.

Minister Valderrama, on behalf of President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, Deputy Minister Alexis Pineda and the entire MIDA technical team, expressed his gratitude that this satisfactory agreement could be reached at the negotiating table, which we all gained, bringing peace and stability to the region. Country.

He added that he is proud of everyone for this level of respect, tolerance and determination in their struggle, which allowed us to achieve this agreement, which represents new stability for you in the next five years. He wished them good luck and urged them to continue the struggle so that state policies reach the most humble and deprived sectors.

Jorge Santamaria, President of the National Technical Council for Agriculture (CTNA), noted that with the approval of all agricultural science associations, this agreement was successfully concluded. He added that they are looking for a much higher percentage, but they also realize that they have to adapt during negotiations.

He pointed out that Minister Valderrama never closed the doors to them and continued to help them and negotiate the numbers until this agreement was reached, which he considered the most suitable for everyone.

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At the end of the meeting, Minister Valderrama and the President of the CNTA, Santamaria, signed the minutes of agreement in which they sealed the commitment to a 12% salary increase.

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