Ikea cuts UK sickness benefit for unvaccinated workers

IKEA Announces changes to the working conditions of its employees in the United Kingdom. as mentioned before ‘BBCSwedish multinational Cut sickness benefits for unvaccinated workers against COVID-19.

On the other hand, the above arguments indicate that the procedure will be applied to employees Not immunized without medical reasons to justify your decision. these people They will get 96.45 pounds per week, just over a hundred euros, the legal minimum in the British state, corresponding to sickness benefit.

What is more, for these employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 and Who have received the complete guide, or even those employees who did not receive the vaccine for medical reasons such as pregnancy, Ikea guarantees Full payment of medical benefits. Ikea has 21 stores across the UK and has around 10,000 employees.

in a England, for example, People with a full vaccination schedule do not need to be quarantined, while unvaccinated people should be isolated if they have been in close contact with a positive. However, the measure announced by Ikea is not the first to be applied on British soil.

The procedure also applies in the United States

Exactly in the UK itself there Companies that have taken similar steps For your employees, such as a public water supply and sanitation company Wessex water, As confirmed daily Mail. in a United Stateand penalizing employees who did not receive a dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Infections continue to rise across the UK, one of the European countries worst affected by the Omicron variant. on the last day, 120,821 new infections were reported. Across the country, more than 47 million people have received vaccine doses, while a 35.8 million people were given the extra dose, according to Data provided by the authorities.

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