Castellon negotiates with EasyJet for the access of 10,000 Britons to Magic World… and perhaps to more cities

Castillo. The regional tourism sector, through the Castellón Products Club, is negotiating with EasyJet Holidays Nearly 10,000 stays arrive this year from the UK to the magical world of Orbisa del Mar, with the possibility of extending these visits to the capital La Plana or Benicassim. It is the third most important operator on the islands. This will be the second agreement that the Products Club has reached with a British agent after closing with On the Beach.

Sources from the Tourism Authority confirm that negotiations have reached an advanced stage and highlight the impact of the new Marina d'Or after its purchase by the Magic Costa Blanca and Fuertes groups and its renaming. The world of magic. The first operates on the coast of Alicante with Benidorm as a duty station and cooperates with various English operators.

In this way, the Orpesa complex gained the attention of two of the Big 4 British tour operators. The first, which has already been resolved, on the beach, will lead to the arrival of 10,000 flights from United Kingdom to Magic World and PeñiscolaWhile the second, easyjet, Negotiations are still ongoing, and will also go to the Orbisa region and to a second point in the province.

he Product Club He claims that the scope of work of these operators extends beyond Magic World and reaches other destinations in Castellón. So, in this case on the beach I was able to close visits in PeñiscolaWhile in the second he tries to achieve this The capital of Castillo or Benicassim.

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The entity estimates that Easyjet has its own airline. Flights from the UK will be to Manises Airport and from there you will head there The world of magic.

International tourism, the key to removing seasonality

from Introducing Castillo They highlighted the importance of increasing the number of international tourists to promote the extension of the tourist season to 10 months. The 2023 data is encouraging because it shows a significant improvement compared to 2022. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, the number of foreign visitors grew by 20.7% last year, while their spending rose by 26.3%. Castello's goal is for the international sector to go from representing 20% ​​of all overnight stays to 40%.

For this purpose, Product Club has signed another agreement with a British bicycle tourism company, Love youAndWhich organizes trips for groups of cyclists, in addition to others Holland.

For the county sector, it is also important to move forward with an integrated brand alongside the brands Valencian Community and Spain And enhance training.

Magic World's opening is scheduled for May 31

The Magid World will open May 31. The process of renovating the complex has begun. It is expected that an investment of $40 million will be implemented within two years. This year, it is developing improvements to three hotels as well as offering water attractions that will be divided into three parks with an area of ​​25,000 square metres. Next year it will be the turn of the spa and the two acquired hotels Real villa.

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For now, it has happened 7,300 overnight stays Reserved from United States, France, Germany, Portugal or United Kingdom.

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