Fallout 4, the UK’s best-selling game for April, is receiving a new update with graphical improvements

Fallout 4 | Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | Distributor: Bethesda Softworks

Thanks to the great success of his series in Prime Video, He falls It is witnessing an exceptional moment, both in terms of presentation and sales. An unexpected situation, since his last match, Fallout 76released in 2018 and Fallout 4in 2015. Despite being introduced nearly a decade ago, the latter is the best-selling game in the UK in April.

As for classification Of sales, it ranks second EA Sports FC 24While there is another notable game from this year, Hell Divers 2 Developed by Arrowhead game studios, and closes the podium in third place. However, the franchise has more titles in the top ten: Fallout: New Vegas It ranks eighth, as mentioned previously Fallout 76ninth place. Fallout 3 He was very close to completing the summit to finish in 11th place.

On the other side, Star bladeExclusive game for PlayStation 5 From the South Korean studio Turn up, was not well received by the audience, reaching number twelve since its release on April 26. This is the classification It was implemented keeping in mind digital as well as physical sales in the UK.

Fallout 4 | Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | Distributor: Bethesda Softworks

however, Bethesda He wants to leverage this exposure to new media to engage with and attract new and old users. The company thus confirmed this Fallout 4 It will receive a patch on Monday for all platforms that focuses on multiple bugs introduced by the latest update Next generation-Game adaptation PlayStation 5 And Xbox series.

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Although it did not provide further details about what this new patch includes, it did speculate that it would correct and implement new graphics and performance options, two aspects highly questioned by users. In addition, this patch aims to fix bugs and bugs, which is a common practice in this type of updates.

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