Biden asks Netanyahu to provide security for civilians in Rafah

Washington (EFE). – Last night, US President Joe Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the possibility of that country’s army invading Rafah, an incursion that sparked fear among the Palestinians. The international community because of the risks it poses to the civilian population.

A White House memo said that Biden “reiterated his view that a military operation should not be undertaken without a credible and implementable plan to ensure security and support for civilians in Rafah.”

During the phone conversation between the two leaders, the US President reiterated the urgent need for humanitarian aid to reach the Palestinians.

Displaced Palestinians cook outside temporary shelters in Rafah camp
Displaced Palestinians cook outside temporary shelters in the Rafah camp in the southern Gaza Strip. EFE/EPA/Haitham Emad

Netanyahu rejects Hamas's proposals

They also discussed the negotiations conducted by Israel with the Islamic movement Hamas for the release of the hostages, which do not appear to be moving forward at the present time.

Netanyahu has so far rejected Hamas's proposals regarding a truce and prisoner exchange.

Pending a new offer, it continues its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

On the same Thursday, after 25 days of siege, the Israeli army stormed Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis (southern Gaza), to ensure that it obtained “reliable information” from the intelligence services stating that Hamas had held some Israeli hostages and that Hamas had held some Israeli hostages and that they had not They can do that. There may be bodies of kidnapped people.

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