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authorities United kingdom issued a statement this Wednesday 16 February About the catch that Public Prosecution request against Former CICIG Officials s fecallike him Withdrawing the immunity of judges that they knew Corruption cases.

The United Kingdom expresses it they About the business of February 10 of Prosecutor of Guatemala linked to Arrest of former officials subordinate The International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), publication details.

“This, along with Raising the immunity of judges what they cured Corruption casesundermine even more rule of law in Guatemala‘, they add.

Prism refers to the capture that coordinated Special Prosecutor Against Impunity On February 10 against Lily Santizowhich was part of The International Commission against Impunity in Guatemalamarked by Obstruction of justice.

The case against which Santizo is accused under reservationAlthough sources indicate that it will be accusations of actions taken in The case of Odebrecht.

Among some of the operations he was responsible for, the case originabout the confiscation of land by the Mata Mendoza family; manipulation of justiceAgainst Eric Melgar Padilla and Phoenixwho embezzled a millionaire in Guatemalan Institute of Social Security.

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She was also arrested Eva SosaFormer Prosecutor Special Prosecutor Against ImpunityWhen appeared in the pulpitwhere was there quoted To clarify your legal status.

The Public Prosecution indicated that Sosa is being investigated in the case of cooperation and judicial corruptionwho was found under reservation.

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Other actions taken by the Public Prosecution Office referred to by international institutions and civil society are Withdrawal of the immunity of Senior Risk Judge Dr. Pablo Exitmolwho sued Former Vice President Roxana Baldeti The former head of state Efrain Rios Montt.

“United kingdom Urges authorities to ensure the safety of detainees and preserve their right to due process. We will continue to work closely with international partners mode monitoring We will continue to order Guatemalan government that uphold the rule of law and independence of the judiciary‘ asked the United Kingdom in the communication.

He added that “the United Kingdom It is considered to be a strong and independent judiciary is being Basic Why Guatemala Enjoy the benefits of a healthy democracywhich encourages flourishprotection human rights guarantee legal procedures for all its citizens.

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The Attorney General issues a message

Attorney General and Chief Public ProsecutionAnd Maria Consuelo Porras Arguetaa message to the nation this Wednesday, in which he explained the reason in detail Criminal prosecution of investigators and judges.

He referred to this in the judge’s case XytomolHe is accused of obstructing his work Civil National Police and that a personal matterNot because of his status as a judge.

in a The case of judicial cooperationstressing that the arrests were made on the basis of Evidence analyzed by the judge And it’s not about him Criminalization or revenge. “This is a legal obligation,” he stressed.

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With regard to the arrests of individuals from d Special Prosecutor Against Impunity carried out this Wednesday, Boras indicated that the four persons are accused of participating in the acts of “Illegal and arbitraryAgainst the defendant in the case Parallel Committees 2020.

It is false that there is persecution. It is an argument to ensure impunity, supported by groups with political and ideological. Criminal prosecution will be conducted impartially and impartially candorProsecutor Bouras confirmed in the message posted on social media.

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