A trick to know the exact location of an unknown number that will not stop calling you

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We previously told you what it means when an unknown number calls you and then hangs up without saying anything, so you can be attentive and avoid answering in those situations.

Now we will continue with another aspect of this topic, which is that we will tell you about this The trick is to know the exact location of an unknown number that is constantly calling you.

This type of situation is annoying because it does not allow us to know who is trying to talk to us or what their intentions are; Moreover, it is dangerous because it leaves us at the expense of people who might approach us to try to gain an advantage or benefit.

Remember, the first thing you should do is stay calm and think about the person to whom you may have recently given your phone. Remember, if a friend wants to talk seriously with you, they will also be looking for you via text, as well as in person.

Why is an unknown number calling me?

There are several reasons why this problem appears. The first is that The person calling you has an app that hides the number from caller ID.

Another explanation is that the calls are made through bots, which only check the availability of lines to spam them.

On the other hand, there are those people who commit scams, who, before acting out their scams, start dialing numbers to verify that they are effective (and listen to their potential victims).

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How do you know the location of an unknown number?

There are many applications for Android and iOS phones, through which you can learn more about them Unknown numbers calling you.

  • One tool is Tellows, a platform designed in Spain but offering services in different parts of the world (including Mexico).
  • The only thing you have to do is install the application on your mobile phone. Then when you receive A mysterious call from an unknown number You can take the contact and enter it into the Tellows search engine.
  • After performing this action, the system will provide you with information about the contact who insists on tagging you but you do not recognize him. Among the available data is the location of your interlocutor on the map.
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What do I do if they call me from an unknown number?

If you’ve already detected that it’s a very pushy number but when you answer it doesn’t say anything and hangs up, it’s best not to answer the call again because it’s probably a bot.

In general, you should know that unknown numbers are not answered lightly, so be more careful in the future to avoid this situation.

There are cell phones that have a contact blocker, so you can Get rid of unwanted calls from unknown numbers. Another tip: If you suspect you may be a victim of fraud, report the situation to the authorities.

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